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February 14

Who was born on February 14, despite
their rather impulsive temperament, is
a very humanitarian person.

February 14 Birthday Horoscope

Intellectual, gathering life experience everywhere they go – they can fluently express themselves. Once they set their eyes on a view – they cannot be persuaded to step back from it. Exceptionally sensitive to their surroundings, a person who is ambitious, noble, with a likeness for art. Perseverance, consistency, resilience make them very sympathetic.

Humanitarianism is highly expressed in them. All of these traits can only be found in the spiritually developed individuals, though. For people born on this day can be divided into two types.

The positive type is subtle and thinking, they study the human nature and form relationships with strangers with inherent ease. The negative type is capricious, unpredictable and unreliable. They are arbitrary, arrogant and they let delusions guide their life.


On a lower stage of their development, it is a primitive person – one of brutal nature, whose whims and fantasies become simple unbearable. Being born on this day gives something weird to the human nature, and such a person is often subjected to extraordinary manias. Positive influence makes them subtle, calm, modest, philanthropic, with ideal tendencies.

Under the calm external layer, there are strong passions but they can be controlled. The more idealistic a matter is, the more willing they are to work with it. They are in favor of everything that serves the common good.

They fight and pose gladly. They like titles and honors. They enjoy social situations more than others, and their means and methods of behavior are correctly selected. What threatens them. They must not give in to anger and passions, as that might put them at risk of greater misunderstandings.

These unpleasant character traits can even put an undeveloped individual in danger. They have to try and control themselves, as well as strive for the highest moral development. Then, their fate will drastically improve, and the inner awareness will go hand in hand with material success.

February 14th zodiac sign Aquarius

February 14th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 14 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – February 14

character for February 14thcharacter : respectable, penetrating, devoted, supercilious, stingy, excessive;
profession : firefighter, turner, railwayman;
colors : olive, teal, olive;
stone : scarlet emerald;
animal : Arctic Wolf;
plant : Cypress tree;
lucky numbers : 13,25,27,38,52,53
power lucky number : 10

Holidays and observances – February 14th

  • Statehood Day (Oregon)
  • Valentine’s Day (International)
  • Christian Feast Day: Cyril and Methodius, patron saints of Europe (Roman Catholic Church), Valentine, February 14 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Communist Martyrs Day (Iraqi Communist Party)
  • The second day of Lupercalia (Ancient Rome)
  • Statehood Day (Arizona)

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