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February 13

Who was born on February 13 is careful,
thoughtful – they successfully
cooperate with others.

February 13 Birthday Horoscope

They carefully consider and calculate their actions. They are ambitions, care for the approval of their surroundings. Their sympathies are very strong. They always gladly agree to give up on their opinion and surrender to their significant other, but the environment is not always able to understand their deep individuality. Because they are persevering in everything they do – they most likely realize their intentions and projects, albeit often quite late.

Life in solitude is not good to them, but a connection with another person allows them to positively influence their surroundings, for which they express special proficiency. When they follow their heart and piece their life together with another being – they become a very useful member of society.

But when they are opposed to their love or reject it because of material reasons – they can fall into danger for their mental energy oriented only around material areas might not yield so good results anymore.



The flaw of this birthday is – as their environment claims – a certain moral weakness, striving for peace at all costs. Indeed – it often happens in life struggles that a person born on this day, instead of directly attacking or defending their interest, first considers all the pros and cons, losing themselves in abstract meditation, instead of directly concentrating on action. Women are especially easy to fall victim to confusion, and even if they get involved in a struggle or fight – they think only about how to back off.


Under the pressure of her opponent – in a momentary confusion, discussion – she retreats step after step. But when the situation calms down a bit and the atmosphere clears up, it turns out that a person born on this day stands where they used to, as they decisively defend their views, and their intellect is independent, not giving in to external influence.

February 13th zodiac sign Aquarius

February 13th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 13 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – February 13

character for February 13thcharacter : sensitive, quiet, kind, tight-lipped, self-interested, mercenary;
profession : locksmith, sound engineer, baker;
colors : olive, red, purple;
stone : quartz;
animal : Snapping Turtle;
plant : Red oak tree;
lucky numbers : 3,5,26,39,50,54
power lucky number : 21

Holidays and observances – February 13th

  • Polyeuctus (Roman Catholic church), Castor of Karden (Roman Catholic church), Absalom Jones (Episcopal Church (USA)), February 13 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • The first day of Lupercalia (Roman Empire)
  • The Festival of Parentalia (Roman Empire)
  • Christian Feast Day: Catherine de Ricci, Beatrice of Ornacieux, Ermenilda of Ely, Fulcran
  • World Radio Day

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