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December 28

Who was born on December 28 formulates extensive plans and skillfully realizes them.

December 28 Birthday Horoscope

Humorous, subtle, talented – they can also be angered, irritable, trivial and suspicious. They are very active and sometimes prone for performing good deeds – rare as it may be. Tactful and sympathetic – they can easily express their thoughts – be it in speech or writing. They are not free from overestimating themselves and being egoistical. However, such feelings can get them far. A bit stingy and somewhat fearful – they have full trust in the one the fall in love with.

They gladly serve humanity in terms of material issues, formulate extensive plans and show an astounding perseverance when it comes to realization of their undertakings that promise direct benefits. However, when the material matters hold no promise of success – they get easily discouraged. Every person born on this day should be educated in trade, even if they happen to inherit wealth, and that is due to their great innate talent for trade.

They care deeply for their outside looks and good opinion, and most of all they try t stay on the good side of higher social spheres, which can even put them at risk of unnecessary expenditures and cause depts. What should they beware? Giving in to their love for disputes and arguments, starting needless misunderstandings.

Although they are very hard-working, they like spending time in a wrong company. They are also in danger caused by sensual excesses. A woman born on this day is lively and frivolous; she will develop her character with age, becoming faithful, brave and confident. Although she tries to hide it every way she can – she is, at heart, jealous. Due to the eagerness, perseverance and ability to concentrate, a person born today can count on success. They will succeed where others might fail.

December 28th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on December 28 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

December 28th zodiac sign Capricorn

Birthday Personality – December 28

character : cheery, reliable, brilliant, unbridled, cheeky, meticulous;
profession : politician, veterinarian, pianist;
colors : purple, olive, red;
stone : jasper;
animal : Aye Aye;
plant : Impatiens;
lucky numbers : 5,13,14,49,58,59
power lucky number : 32

personality and character December 28th

Holidays and observances – December 28th

  • Republic Day (South Sudan)
  • Christian feast day: Caterina Volpicelli
  • The fourth of the Twelve Days of Christmas (Western Christianity)
  • Feast of the Holy Innocents or Childermas; in Spain and Latin American countries the festival is celebrated with pranks (inocentadas), similar to April Fools’ Day (Catholic Church, Church of England, Lutheran Church), and its related observances:
  • December 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Christian feast day: Abel (Coptic Church)
  • Proclamation Day (South Australia), celebration started on the day following Christmas (South Australia)
  • Els Enfarinats (Ibi, Spain)
  • King Taksin Memorial Day (Thailand)
  • Simon the Athonite

December 28 Famous Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you ?

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