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December 19

Who was born on December 19 is inventive, widely talented – they can be successful in various areas of life.

December 19 Birthday Horoscope

Ambitious – they wish to accomplish something, but more out of their innate rush and impulsive nature – quite sympathetic at that, not out of a desire to make a career. They have two different characters: inner and outer. Both are very industrious, risk-taking, careless, and also very sensitive and withdrawn – therefore, such a person is not easy to properly learn.

They tend to be irritable and restless, which is evident from the difference of these two natures when they want to manifest themselves at the same time. This duality is often shown in their life – be it in their profession or two difference sources of income, two apartments or two marriages or longer relationships. Their nature promises a lot – but the conditions of their life do not always let them properly develop.

Pleasant and merry as a companion – they can be ironic about themselves. What should they be wary of? Not to stay without an initiative and a direction of their efforts. As otherwise they can get too distracted and create numerous difficult obstacles for themselves. A woman born on this day is – just like a man – very honest, direct and open, and her kind and friendly approach to men often causes misunderstandings.

For men take her friendship for love, and her love for friendship. When such misunderstandings occur – she shows a lot of pride and haughtiness, often covering her deep suffering with a smile. After such experiences, she becomes very cautious, self-controlled, defensive against deeper feelings, which makes the environment perceive her as a coquette – completely unjustly at that.

December 19th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on December 19 your zodiac sign is Sagittarius

December 19th zodiac sign Sagittarius

Birthday Personality – December 19

character : cheerful, cheerful, brilliant, perfidious, sanguine, contemptuous;
profession : artist, maid, mailman;
colors : red, cream, grey;
stone : coral;
animal : Komodo Dragon;
plant : Silky dogwood;
lucky numbers : 5,11,33,34,36,52
power lucky number : 27

personality and character December 19th

Holidays and observances – December 19th

  • Goa Liberation Day (Goa, India)
  • Mitch Marner Day (Canada)
  • National Heroes and Heroines Day (Anguilla)

December 19 Famous Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you ?

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