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August 31

Who was born on August 31 is calm,
noble; they act simply and

August 31 Birthday Horoscope

They are a good citizen of their country and abiding to its laws; they follow their duties. Their mind is peaceful and contemplating, often with poetic tendencies and idyllic moods. They are fond of music, nature and rural life. They enjoy mountain trips and climbing to high places.

Noble, open, righteous; they are a person with an independent character who acts simple and natural. Careful and practical, they can achieve success in relation to travels. They show significant financial abilities. They show significant financial abilities. They do a lot for others and often forget about themselves and their own business.

They are a public individual, interested in social matters, progress and human ideals. Nothing that is human is alien to them, their caring and family instincts are strongly developed.august31

Their flaw is the fact they have little desire for arduous work; they would rather slowly indulge in contemplation or dreams. Illnesses they might be in danger of include nervous breakdowns and stomach ailments which most of the time find their way into careless individuals who take no care of themselves. What should they strive for? Most of all, they should attempt to learn their own flaws.

They should use the same magnifying glass to view themselves as they view others. They should understand that the harsh, hasty and opinionated critique of others might be worse than physical pain to sensitive people.

What threatens them? That people they helped with their whole being become ungrateful. It should be generally concluded that their life is usually rather peaceful and eventually crowned with success. Later in life, they often alienate themselves from people and live in solitude, indulging in contemplation and reflection.

August 31th zodiac sign Virgo

August 31th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 31 your zodiac sign is Virgo

Birthday Personality – August 31

character for August 31thcharacter : reliable, spotless, tolerant, choosy, ill at ease, excitable;
profession : office worker, dentist, architect;
colors : gold, purple, grey;
stone : chalcedony;
animal : Cow;
plant : Lavender;
lucky numbers : 10,15,30,36,41,52
power lucky number : 16

August 31

August 31

Holidays and observances – August 31th

  • Christian Feast Day: Aidan of Lindisfarne, Raymond Nonnatus, August 31 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • National Language Day or Limba Noastră (Moldova)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Trinidad and Tobago from the United Kingdom in 1962.
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Malaya from the United Kingdom in 1957.
  • Day of Solidarity and Freedom (Poland)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Kyrgyzstan from the Soviet Union in 1991

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