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August 30

Who was born on August 30 can easily
go overboard with analyzing and criticizing

August 30 Birthday Horoscope

They are the kind of person who says unpleasant things to others “for their own good”. Modest, withdrawn; they cannot be said to be unsociable, but they often act awkwardly in company, especially amongst the opposite sex.

They are a lover of beauty, pretty costumes and impressive public performances – but they stay in the back themselves, for they are too sensitive, cautious and delicate. Their intellect is very active, clever and full of ideas.

They have scientific talents which may bring them certain success. Their great sensitivity makes them somewhat dependent on their environment. When it is antipathetic – it strongly annoys them.

They can be successful in statistics, as well as in relation to all products of lad, like cotton, linen, wood structures, meaugust30dical plants or all kinds of food. Their demeanor is kind and noble, their feelings are faithful and the character – righteous and pure. However, they find little interest in marriage where bad experiences often await them.

Flaws. They gladly get involved in the matters of other people, and their unwillingness, undesirability and carelessness might bring difficulties onto them.

Their analytical tendencies are very pronounced, they can disassemble everything into its smallest components and break to pieces. Their criticism deprives both them and other people of courage, especially those less gifted in leadership.

They sometimes annoy their environment with it. They see flaws and shortcomings everywhere, except in themselves. On the other hand, it should be admitted that they would not want to purposefully make anyone feel bad with their merciless criticizing; they reprimand others to help them.

Illnesses they might be in danger of are, most of all, ailments of bowels. They should use as little medicine as they can, for their organism is very sensitive to it, and any drugs which are too strong clearly harm them. In case of an illness – their own organism will make the greatest contribution to regaining health.

August 30th zodiac sign Virgo

August 30th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 30 your zodiac sign is Virgo

Birthday Personality – August 30

character for August 30thcharacter : polite, attentive, industrious, tight-fisted, tight-lipped, strict;
profession : astronaut, sculptor, turner;
colors : teal, cream, crimson;
stone : cat’s eye;
animal : Guinea Pig;
plant : Milkweed plant;
lucky numbers : 14,22,28,31,36,49
power lucky number : 18

August 30

August 30

Holidays and observances – August 30th

  • International Day of the Disappeared (International)
  • Victory Day (Turkey)
  • Christian Feast Day: Alexander of Constantinople, Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, Charles Chapman Grafton (Episcopal Church (USA)), Fantinus, Felix and Adauctus, Pammachius, August 30 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Constitution Day (Kazakhstan)
  • Saint Rose of Lima’s Day (Peru)
  • Popular Consultation Day (East Timor)

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