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August 28

Who was born on August 28 has a strongly
developed sense of spiritual greatness, and
their instincts are noble.

August 28 Birthday Horoscope

They are righteous and mature on the inside. Their habits are balanced and normal, and their instincts – noble. They diligently fulfill all of their duties in life, keeping their honor pure. They have a strongly developed sense of spiritual greatness and high aspirations.

Their thoughts are inspired and spiritual; aware of their spiritual prowess and superiority over others. a faithful and sacrificing friend, they can formulate excellent arguments and lead; undefeated as an opponent. They will be the source of their own career, owing their success to their executive abilities and their exceptionally developed intellect.

They can also achieve success in literature and arts. Their life usually flows evenly and peacefully, and their general respect is fully deserved. Their excellent analytical abilities will let them achieve success as a musical or literary critic. Flaws.


They dislike exerting too much effort over hard work. They tend to be too cold and not emotional enough, showing too little ambition and warrior instincts. How to raise a child born on this day.

They are a true “child of nature”. Their interests are very versatile, they life the beauty of nature, have strong sympathies and antipathies, and are gifted with acute perception. They easily grasp everything and often show maturity before their time, expressing a talent for business in their childhood.

The educators of such a child should try divert their attention from negative things like the flaws of their companions or the environment, otherwise they might develop a passion for criticizing others, which can poison their life later on.

August 28th zodiac sign Virgo

August 28th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 28 your zodiac sign is Virgo

Birthday Personality – August 28

character for August 28thcharacter : truthful, alert, emotional, pushy, insistent, embarrassed;
profession : policeman, scientist, glazier;
colors : olive, gray, purple;
stone : fluorite;
animal : Rhinoceros;
plant : Prayer plant;
lucky numbers : 1,15,25,28,31,45
power lucky number : 10

August 28

August 28

Holidays and observances – August 28th

  • Assumption of Mary (Eastern Orthodox Church, a public holiday in the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, and Georgia)
  • Christian Feast Day: Augustine of Hippo, Saint Hermes, Moses the Black (Episcopal Church (USA), Lutheran Church), August 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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