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August 21

Who was born on August 21 will have a life full of useful deeds.

August 21 Birthday Horoscope

They are an idealist, deeply religious,, a seeker of lofty ideals and inspirations. They often pay more attention to the spiritual matters than earthly material worries of life. Polite and friendly – they enjoy peace and harmony. Their life will be peaceful and righteous. Filled with useful deeds and life; their friends will be faithful to them.

They are kind, friendly and stable of character; they skillfully carve their path in life. On top of that, they are brave, industrious and gifted with a natural talent to govern others.

Their nature, although good and noble, is strongly emotional, full of passion and sensuality. Their abilities exceed what is average, both in terms of arts and sciences, although it is unlikely they choose a scientific career, for life is strongly attractive to them.


They can achieve a high level of spirituality and rise to a feeling of true spiritual love. Flaws. Their emotional nature might lead them astray. What threatens them? That their mind become preoccupied by other goals for which they might not always have talent and which might not bring them joy.

They often enter into two marriages, both happy; they are also a good head of the family. Happy love and fine friendships await them. They will realize their ambitions and come to the end of their life in peace.

August 21th zodiac sign Leo

August 21th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 21 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – August 21

character for August 21thcharacter : cheerful, shrewd, definite, frolicsome, irritable, embarrassed;
profession : craftsman, flight attendant, violinist;
colors : red, white, maroon;
stone : opal;
animal : Komodo Dragon;
plant : Petunia;
lucky numbers : 9,18,34,41,46,47
power lucky number : 26

August 21

August 21

Holidays and observances – August 21th

  • Christian Feast Day: Abraham of Smolensk (Eastern Orthodox Church), Euprepius of Verona, Maximilian of Antioch, Pope Pius X, Sidonius Apollinaris, August 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Consualia, in honor of Consus. (Roman Empire)
  • Ninoy Aquino Day (Philippines)
  • Youth Day/King Mohammed VI’s Birthday (Morocco)

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