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August 19

August 19 – Famous Birthdays

Bill Clinton (US PRESIDENT) 1946


Matthew Perry (TV ACTOR) 1969


Kyra Sedgwick (TV ACTRESS) 1965


August 19 – Famous Birthdays

1398 I夕go L▉ez Spain, marques de Santillana, poet (Comedieta de Ponza)
1631 John Dryden 1st poet laureate of England (Absalom & Achitophel)
1646 John Flamsteed 1st astronomer royal of England
1689 Samuel Richardson English novelist (Pamela) (baptized)
1785 Seth Thomas pioneer in mass production of clocks
1844 Minna Canth Finland, novelist/dramatist (social evils)
1946 Bill Clinton 42nd US President. (Former Little Rock Attorney)
1948 Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson. In 1970 became “Tipper” Gore. Wife of Al Gore US Vice President.
1858 Edith Nesbit England, children books author (Railway Children)
1859 Charles Comiskey 1st basemen/manager (Chicago White Sox)
1860 John Kane Scottish-born US primitivist painter (Self-Portrait)
1870 Bernard Baruch financier/presidential adviser
1871 Orville Wright aviator
1878 Manuel Quezon 1st president of Philippine Commonwealth (1935-42)
1881 Georges Enesco (or Enescu) Romania, composer (Romanian Dances)
1889 Arthur Waley sinologist, translator from Chinese & Japanese
1892 Alfred Lunt Broadway actor (Emmy 1965)
19– Frank Telfer actor (As the World Turns)
19– Matthew L Perry actor (Chazz Russell-2nd Chance)
19– Michael Goodwin Virginia Minn, actor (Strike Force, Hamptons)
1902 Ogden Nash Rye NY, humorous poet (I’m a Stranger Here Myself)
1903 Claude Dauphin Corbell France, actor (April in Paris, Deported)
1903 James Gould Cozzens US, novelist (1949 Pulitzer-Guard of Honor)
1906 Philo T Farnsworth Beaver Utah, inventor (electronic TV)
1907 June Collyer NYC, actress (June-Stu Erwin Show)
1907 Thurston Morton (Sen-Ky, 1957-1969)
1915 Ring Lardner Jr Chicago, screenwriter (Woman of the Year)
1916 Marie Wilson Anaheim Calif, actress (My Friend Irma)
1919 Malcolm Forbes publisher (Forbes Magazine)
1921 Gene Roddenberry executive producer (Star Trek)
1924 William Marshall Gary Ind, actor (Blacula, Something of Value)
1931 Willie Shoemaker jockey (In 1956 he won $2 million)
1933 Debra Paget actress (Anne of the Indies, Love Me Tender)
1934 Bill Cleary US, ice hockey player (Olympic-gold-1960)
1934 David F Durenberger Minn, (Sen-R-Minn)
1934 Dr Renee Richards trans-sexual tennis player
1935 Bobby Richardson SC, 2nd baseman (NY Yankees)
1935 F Story Musgrave Boston, MD/astronaut (STS 6, 51-F, 33, 44)
1938 Diana Muldaur actress (McCloud, Star Trek Next Generation, LA Law)
1938 Valentin Mankin USSR, finn class yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1968)
1939 Ginger [Peter] Baker England, drummer (Cream-White Room)
1940 Jill St John [Oppenheim], LA Calif, actress (Diamonds are Forever)
1940 Johnny Nash Houston, Tx, rocker (I Can See Clearly Now)
1943 Billy J Kramer Liverpool, rocker (The Dakotas-Bad to Me)
1945 Ian Gillian heavy metal rocker (Deep Purple-Knocking at Backdoor)
1946 Charles F Bolden Jr Columbia SC, astronaut (STS 61C, 31, STS 45)
1947 Gerald McRaney Collins Miss, actor (Simon & Simon, Major Dad)
1951 John Deacon rocker (Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody)
1951 Randi Oakes Randalia Iowa, actress (Officer Bonnie Clark-CHiPs)
1952 Jonathan Frakes actor (Actor: Commander Will Riker in “Star Trek Next Generation”, Director: “Star Trek: First Contact”)
1956 Adam Arkin Bkln, actor (Lenny-Busting Loose, Pearl, Tough Cookies)
1956 Cindy Nelson US, skier (Olympic-bronze-1976)
1957 Darby Hinton Santa Monica Calif, actor (Israel-Daniel Boone)
1959 Steve Grimmett heavy metal rocker
1960 Ron Darling Hawaii, baseball pitcher (NY Mets)
1962 Valerie Kaprisky Paris France, actress (Breathless, Public Woman)
1963 Joey Tempest rocker (Europe-The Final Countdown)
1963 John Stamos Cypress Calif, actor (General Hospital, Full House)
1965 Kevin Dillon actor (Heaven Help Us, Remote Control, Platoon)
1967 Jason Starsky son of Beatle Ringo
1969 Christian Slater actor (Legend of Billie Jean)
1970 Matthew Perry actor (Sydney)
1971 Tricia Ann Luedtke Oostburg Wisc, Miss Wisc-America-1991


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