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August 18

Who was born on August 18 feels bad
in a subordinate position, for they
wish to rule themselves.

August 18 Birthday Horoscope

They always wish to stand in the front and characterized by their organizational skills, as well as their ability to express their authority. They are practical, active, eager, studious, brave, cautious and very intelligent, gifted with patience and stability. They can indulge in lengthy searches and do not shy away from honest work.

Today’s birthday promises success in life, but most of the time due to the attracting influence made by such a person’s strong individuality on others, as well as due to their ability to adapt to circumstances.

The more they can control themselves, the more success they have in life. It is only then that such an individual’s great intuition become fully apparent. They have linguistic abilities; a good speaker.

They skillfully conduct conversation and know how to entertain company. However, theaugust18y show excessive tendencies to oppose other views during conversation just out of principle. They are hard-working of demeanor, and they mind is rather humble, withdrawn, capable of effort.

They enjoy rural life, nature, forests, etc. They can passionately engage in studies of nature’s laws. Their profession might bring them fortune. A proponent of etiquette and ceremonies, always glad to advise others on what they should do by giving them praise or reprimands as they see fit.

Glad of themselves; often willing to become the center of general love or admiration. They will be successful in life, although they will not become a truly prominent individual or gather wealth. A child born on this day requires thorough care. They should constantly be under observation of older people whilst unaware of it, otherwise they will immediately start to pretend and cheat. Also, they should not be left alone, but always kept close to parents and just educators.

August 18th zodiac sign Leo

August 18th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 18 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – August 18

character for August 18thcharacter : honest, searching
, uncompromising
, merciless, calculating, modest;
profession : historian, secretary, politician;
colors : white, silver, turquoise;
stone : fluorspar;
animal : Hippopotamus;
plant : African violet;
lucky numbers : 4,14,18,24,48,53
power lucky number : 21

August 18

August 18

Holidays and observances – August 18th

  • Christian Feast Day: Agapitus of Palestrina, Alberto Hurtado, Saint Fiacre, Helena of Constantinople (Roman Catholic Church), August 18 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • National Science Day (Thailand)
  • Birthday of Virginia Dare (Roanoke Island)
  • Long Tan Day, also called Vietnam Veterans’ Day (Australia)

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