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August 12

Who was born on August 12 enjoys support of people in higher places.

August 12 Birthday Horoscope

They are characterized by unusual intuition, imagination and industriousness, and their mental life is lush and fertile, rich in ideas. Subtle, intelligent – excellently able to formulate numerous projects and plans. Full of energy, they show great expansion in life, but often is opposing moods.

People of higher standing usually support them and grant them responsible positions. Their versatile abilities might make them popular, they will travel across various countries.

Despite numerous changes and struggles that await them in life, their relations with prominent individuals will eventually let them rise above and achieve general respect.

Profession. They can be successful in all kinds of public performances, but it should be noted thaaugust12t being born todays gifts one with dramatic art skills. So they can be a good actor, teacher, instructor, organizer, or be successful in everything that pushes them to the center of attention and forces them to teach or entertain, or even govern other people. They wish to take a prominent position in all areas of life – in accordance with their birth.

They find it very difficult to be in a subordinate position, only ale to bear it for longer period when they have subordinates of their own. They will live long and develop exceptional activity and great energy by the end of their life. What threatens them? That they waste their expansion and activity for unproductive undertakings that might not bring them positive results in life.

August 12th zodiac sign Leo

August 12th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 12 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – August 12

character for August 12thcharacter : reliable, smart, unyielding, inquisitive, prejudiced, severe;
profession : programmer, toolmaker, inventor;
colors : olive, teal, maroon;
stone : lapis;
animal : Duck;
plant : Prayer plant;
lucky numbers : 4,10,41,45,50,56
power lucky number : 15

August 12

August 12

Holidays and observances – August 12th

  • Christian Feast Day: Euplius, Herculanus of Brescia, Pope Innocent XI, August 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • The first day of Awa Dance Festival (Tokushima)
  • HM the Queen’s Birthday and National Mother’s Day (Thailand)
  • The Feast of the Prophet and his Bride (Thelema)
  • International Youth Day (United Nations)
  • Glorious Twelfth (United Kingdom)

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