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August 11

Who was born on August 11 can
rise above their sphere
of origin.

August 11 Birthday Horoscope

Full of dignity and rather humble and yielding, considerate towards the needs of their environment. Although they are imperious of character and long for power and influence, they are noble, interested in arts and expressing love for aesthetics.

However, all of the above character traits relate only to people who have achieved a certain level of development. The undeveloped type shows uncontrollable longing for honors and praise, and their ridiculous ambition pushes them to take positions of high authority and responsibility they cannot handle at all.

Who was born on this day can count on support from people in higher places, able to achieve a prominent position and recognition in life.

Despite all of their struggles and turbulences, they can eventually triumph. They will face misunderstandings with their relatives. The flawsaugust11 associated with this birthday include lack of initiative and excessive submissiveness. A person born today will have to face a stronger opponent. Their nature with excessive pride and stubbornness will allow them to oppose the widely accepted views, running a risk of critique, even loss. How to raise a child born on this day.

If the parents and educators could understand the sheer developmental possibilities ahead of such a child – they would spare no effort to educate them the best they can. They are exceptionally sensitive and talented, but will not develop harmoniously unless educated by constant politeness, unchanging kindness and love.

Their fiery impulsive nature needs carious distractions and enrichment of monotonous school textbooks. Thorough education can develop their abilities positively and let the achieve a very high level of intellectual development.

August 11th zodiac sign Leo

August 11th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on August 11 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – August 11

character for August 11thcharacter : sharp, unyielding, laborious, prejudiced, uncouth, insufferable;
profession : driver, fireman, anthropologist;
colors : orange, yellow, white;
stone : amethyst;
animal : Jaguar;
plant : Columbine flower;
lucky numbers : 11,26,34,43,45,59
power lucky number : 1

August 11

August 11

Holidays and observances – August 11th

  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Chad from France in 1960
  • Christian Feast Day: Athracht, Clare of Assisi, Fiacre, Gaugericus, John Henry Newman (Church of England), Philomena, Susanna, Taurinus of Évreux, Tiburtius and Chromatius, August 11 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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