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April 6

Who was born on April 6 is
a proponent of new thoughts and
original views.

April 6 Birthday Horoscope


They are a subtle and delicate person, gifted with significant artistic abilities. They enjoy beautiful surroundings, luxury and a lavish life. They can achieve prominent results through their unusual skills – but only if, naturally, their strength of will allows them to develop their talents. For they also show a strong love for luxury and comfort, preferring pleasure to hard work.

Their life motto is “always forward”. They are a pioneer and a manager among other people, every new thought immediately sparks their sympathy. They are quick to adapt new ideas, always striving for progress in any area – be it in practical, mental life or art. They are most successful in the area of mental and theoretical work in which their keen, inquisitive intellect can be used best.

They often owe their career to a coincidence. They can be an excellent trader or an industrialist who amasses their fortune. An entrepreneur acting with independence and good fortune. They can also stand out as a sailor, traveler, explorer – even have their name go down in history. They like children. They are very interested in mental experiences and spiritual development. Flaws. They are often egoistical, sensual, too eager and hasty. They find love in speculations and gambling, and their heart longs for luxury, pleasure and wealth that they would like to amass thanks to fortunate speculations, which they often do. But they later can be in danger of losing their wealth due to excesses or extravagance.

April 6th zodiac sign Aries

April 6th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 6 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – April 6

character for April 6thcharacter : passionate, stable, open-handed, fierce, capricious, ruthless;
profession : janitor, clerk, physicist;
colors : black, yellow, beige;
stone : fluorspar;
animal : Komodo Dragon;
plant : Coneflower;
lucky numbers : 6,14,23,48,55,57
power lucky number : 12

April 6

April 6

Holidays and observances – April 6th

  • Tartan Day (United States & Canada)
  • Birth of Jesus according to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Christian Feast Day: Brychan, Eutychius of Constantinople (Byzantine Church), Marcellinus of Carthage, Pope Celestine I (Roman Catholic Church), Pope Sixtus I, April 6 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Chakri Day, commemorating the reign of the Chakri Dynasty. (Thailand)

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