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April 17

Who was born on April 17 is a person of many talents who skilfully make public speeches and gain
supporters. They persistently stick to their goals
in life.

April 17 Birthday Horoscope

They are characterized by great activity and industriousness. They are a pleasant person, with peaceful demeanor, noble, often talented. They can skilfully make public speeches and have an easy style. For it is a widely gifted nature – a person of many talents. Serious, pondering, withdrawn – they state their essential life goals clearly, usually pursuing them with perseverance they do not express in minor things.

Thanks to their kindness and goodness of heart – they attract numerous friends and followers whose advice they can skilfully use to take advantage of life opportunities and attain a good position. They can also achieve success thanks to woman – there especially that one rich woman who might play a prominent role in their life.

april17Although they can form projects and plans with excellence, expressing everything in general and essential lines – they do not always show the necessary patience in their execution, so they should leave bringing their ideas to life to others.

Their drive to work is so great that they wish to bring each project to life immediately. When it does not work out – or when they come across too great difficulties – they abandon their current work and get to something else right away. They care for the general line so they pay no mind to details.

What they should strive for – to control their passions, the outbursts of which bring turbulence to their life. If they get a hold of them, they will gain peace and happiness, with satisfaction and rest after a lifetime of struggle. Their health is usually quite good, and the organism – strong. They should beware overworking or excessive activity, as they cause insomnia and headaches.

April 17th zodiac sign Aries

April 17th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 17 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – April 17

character for April 17thcharacter : forbearing, passionate, tolerant, crude, nonchalant, glum;
profession : ophthalmologist, beautician, mailman;
colors : olive, purple, green;
stone : beryl;
animal : Cat;
plant : Spiderwort plant;
lucky numbers : 4,7,18,19,55,56
power lucky number : 8

April 17

April 17

Holidays and observances – April 17th

  • FAO Day (Iraq)
  • Women’s Day (Gabon)
  • Earliest day on which Store Bededag or General Prayer Day can fall, while May 13 is the latest; observed on the 4th Friday after Easter day. (Denmark)
  • Evacuation Day, celebrates the recognition of the independence of Syria from France in 1946.
  • World Hemophilia Day (International)
  • Flag Day (American Samoa)
  • Christian Feast Day: Benedict Joseph Labre, Kateri Tekakwitha (Canada), Stephen Harding, April 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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