Daily horoscope

April 15

Who was born on April 15 can be
elevated above their area
of origin.

April 15 Birthday Horoscope

This elevation can be achieved through their own work and merit – but it might also be a result of the influence of people of higher standing. Anyway, being born this way brings an opportunity to step forward being honored. Their mind is exceptionally flexible and talented. Their abilities and diligence come hand in hand with great ambition, which lets them achieve great things. They often stand out due to their creative genius and express artistic ability. Who was born today longs for making discoveries and gift humanity with new ideas.

Noble, passionate and open in their feelings. They can be an enthusiastic friend who gives their whole soul. They also approach love with passion and unusual impulsiveness. Such a marriage, however, holds no promise of prosperity -fir it is often entered too hastily, leading to misunderstandings later on. Such a person rules over others and deriving their power from it. They can make a career with the help of people of higher standing.

april15Flaws. Their enthusiasm can transform into fanaticism or a dangerous mania. That is because they are convinced that they can do everything best. This conviction is somewhat their inherent quality – with no mistakes or errors able to cure it. What should they strive for. To develop inner peace, reason, reservation and patience.

They should also try to control their impatience, irritability and whims. Exercise in the fresh air with have a very positive effect on their health. However, the should avoid strong excitements – especially alcohol in excess, for their fiery nature makes it difficult for them to keep their passions in check as it is.

April 15th zodiac sign Aries

April 15th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 15 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – April 15

character for April 15thcharacter : realistic, brave, firm, sanguine, unforeseeable, mean;
profession : pilot, shoemaker, principal;
colors : yellow, cream, scarlet;
stone : aquamarine;
animal : Polar Bear;
plant : Chives;
lucky numbers : 2,9,13,34,52,53
power lucky number : 22

April 15

April 15

Holidays and observances – April 15th

  • Christian Feast Day: Abbo II of Metz, Father Damien and Sister Marianne Cope (Episcopal Church (USA)), Hunna, Paternus of Avranches, April 15 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • World Art Day
  • Tax Day, the official deadline for filing an individual tax return (or requesting an extension). (United States, Philippines)
  • Hillsborough Disaster Memorial (Anfield at Liverpool)
  • Latest day on which New Year festivals in South and Southeast Asian cultures can fall. (see April 14)
  • Fordicidia (Roman Empire)
  • Jackie Robinson Day (Major League Baseball)
  • Earliest day on which Sechseläuten can fall, while April 21 is the latest; celebrated on the third Monday in April. (Zurich)
  • Father Damien Day (Hawaii)

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