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April 13

Who was born on April 13 is active,
independent, with a love for entertainment –
which might not work out very good for them.

April 13 Birthday Horoscope

They always want to stand alone, apart from anyone else and do everything on their own – usually quite hastily, paying no mind to the consequences of their action. They pay no attention to the experiences of other people or their teachings and advice they could give. They always have to learn everything on their own – for they wish to gather new experiences.

They get to action without hesitation. For they want to express themselves with energy and life expansion. In undeveloped individuals, however, this excessive energy is transformed into impulsiveness, arrogance, imperiousness, and a tendency for achieving goals through violence. When a person born on this day is morally and mentally developed – they gladly fight for the rights of others and support them morally. But they do it in quite a peculiar way, on their own, paying no attention to their surroundings and even resorting to force…

april13A merry person who wants to make their environment happier. Despite their pleasant character, they are generally quite a careless individuals who spends too much time chasing after distractions. They often waste their time for nothing – on things that will bring them no benefit at all. They are characterized by significant sensuality and strong passions.

They enjoy the company of the other sex, and their sensitivity, tenderness and amorousness will make them a slave to love. The other gender influences their life in a significant way, naturally causing them no small distress. So they often have to go through great torment caused by unhappy love. They endure the bad experiences and blows of fate quite patiently. They do not have eny excessive ambitions or strength of character.

April 13th zodiac sign Aries

April 13th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 13 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – April 13

character for April 13thcharacter : sincere, courageous, independent, lazy, harsh, glum;
profession : fireman, prosecutor, veterinarian;
colors : purple, cream, baby blue;
stone : jasper;
animal : Tiger;
plant : Petunia;
lucky numbers : 11,12,28,31,38,42
power lucky number : 21


April 13

April 13

Holidays and observances – April 13th

  • Jefferson\’s Birthday (United States)
  • New Year festivals in South and Southeast Asian cultures. (see April 14): Cambodian New Year (Cambodia), First day of Songkan (Laos), First day of Songkran (Thailand)
  • Christian Feast Day: Hermenegild, Pope Martin I, April 13 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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