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April 11

Who was born on April 11 uses whatever means necessary to achieve their goal.

April 11 Birthday Horoscope

They are an intelligent, active and industrious person who pays no mind to the experiences of others and will listen to no one\’s advice. They carve their own path with their activity and outstanding industriousness. They want to stand at the front and always lead others, and when their spirit ascends to higher levels of development – they become a defender of the weak and understand their needs and troubles, fighting for them. But even then, they do everything on their own – paying no attention to anything or anyone.

Their mind is deep, with excellent polemical ability and significant observational cunning. They have great intuition, making them knowledgeable about human characters. They constantly develop new projects that they bring to life. It is a person of action, yet unable to always adapt their activity to their surroundings and existence.

They are not always aware of their own value. They often work so passionately that they can even harm their own health. But when they eventually find themselves among unconquerable obstacles – their intellect falls short of ideas and their might even lose their way in life.

april11They wish to achieve their goal for all costs and strive for it through great adversity, trying to overcome every obstacle. They also often do not carefully select the means through which they will do that – which does not always bring good results. When they are, in the end, unsuccessful at something – they will never admit to the failure.

They blame others for their ideas not working out – instead of simply admitting that the misfortune was cause by their own mistakes and excessive impulsiveness. Flaws. They distract their strength through excessive activity. Their lack of care harms them. It often might turn out that their nature is quite unstable, which stand in their way to achieve their life goals. How are they supposed to be effective if they know not what they want! What threatens them.

They might lose their wealth due to their own fault. Their profession might be related to iron, steel, machines, tools or music and general art. Overall, it should be admitted that their life ambitions are eventually realized.

April 11th zodiac sign Aries

April 11th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on April 11 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – April 11

character for April 11thcharacter : prudent, jolly, patient, mean, wilful, brusque;
profession : surgeon, bookkeeper, fireman;
colors : orange, red, daffodil;
stone : lapis lazuli;
animal : Grizzly Bear;
plant : Buttercup flower;
lucky numbers : 4,8,24,27,55,58
power lucky number : 17

April 11

April 11

Holidays and observances – April 11th

  • Christian Feast Day: Antipas of Pergamum (Greek Orthodox Church), Gemma Galgani, Godeberta
  • Guthlac, George Selwyn (Anglicanism), Stanislaus of SzczepanĂłw, April 11 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Juan SantamarĂ­a Day, anniversary of his death in the Second Battle of Rivas. (Costa Rica)

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