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Aquarius incompatible zodiac signs

What characters should Aquarius avoid? Check with whom you are unlikely to create a healthy relationship.

Sociable and open Aquarius is one of the more liked zodiac signs.


Despite his highly developed interpersonal skills, he cannot even form a life with everyone. Some signs of the zodiac are not remarkably perceived on its waves.

The pairs presented below will not consistently differ in life priorities. Sometimes it will be nuances. However, this is enough so that these two are not on their way. Who is better not to enter into a deeper relationship with?

aquarius Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Incompatible zodiac signs for Aquarius

Aquarius + Virgo

Aquarius is a bluebird, very independent, and above all, values ​​freedom. He has a solid need to decide about himself and set his boundaries.

He does not like to submit to others and live strictly according to specific rules. He loves spontaneity. He is energetic and curious. It’s everywhere.

Virgo is disciplined and practical. He approaches life very soberly and takes everything logically. People under the sign of Virgo are family members, and their life goal is very often to start a family and provide it not only with love and warmth but also the stability necessary for happiness.

At the side of Aquarius, there are medium chances. With a calm, rational, and balanced Virgo, Aquarius will simply be bored.

Virgo, however, will not feel safe with him and is sure of what awaits her every day. These two are very different, and only a unique feeling and natural chemistry will combine such diametrical adversities into one consistent and lasting relationship. We do not exclude that this may happen, but its chances are pretty small.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Aquarius + Leo

Both Aquarius and Leo are endowed with solid characters. People under these signs hate opposition and love freedom. Partners of such characters who want to create a robust and lasting relationship must consider this. If they agree, they will do well. Problems can arise if there is a difference of opinion.

Leo will want to rule and impose his opinion on Aquarius. Independent Aquarius may not argue but will not allow it to bring to the ground floor. One of them will have to put pride in his pocket, and it will not be easy.

Although both of these characters can combine passion and independence, this will not help paradoxically. None of the potential partners will hurry to make earnest declarations. Grace for compliments and hungry for attention

The Leo may feel underrated by Aquarius. Extremely sensitive Aquarius entirely omitted by the partner, marginalized. The guardian lion can pet Aquarius. This relationship may fail in several ways, so it’s better to finish it in time.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Aquarius + Capricorn

Capricorns often prefer their careers to family and relationships that they form. It is usually because they are very responsible and above all, they want to ensure a good life and a comfortable life for their loved ones. Someone’s presence matters more to them than carefree life at a high level. Aquarius is very friendly about that.

They will not give up their passions and private time and will not devote it to work that can only bring benefits in a few years. They live neither past nor future. What they do here and now is more important to them. They want to see the most and do as much as possible every day.

These two zodiac signs usually differ too much to be completely happy with each other. They want to spend time with their loved ones because somewhere in the back of their heads, they have the thought that tomorrow they may run out. Sometimes they rock in the clouds, which is entirely foreign to Capricorn.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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