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Aquarius : character

characterAquarius’ character features

Aquarius is a sign of the zodiac which belongs to planet Uranus, which gives such features as curiosity, will to understand everything around, and the ability to share experiences and beauty with the surrounding. Aquariuses always look for a reason of things, are extremely empathetic, capable of brotherhood love, as well as very calm, restrained, patient when working and striving for goals.

They are extremely intelligent and like to learn new things, value reforms which are supposed to improve the situation of society, and – what’s most important – prefer spiritual to material matters. There are many philosophers, scientists, and other intellectually active people among them, who are able to observe and draw correct conclusions, often with great memory. There are also many alternative artist among them, who, however, don’t like to express their thoughts and experience serious moral dilemmas. No wonder that some of them reach for mysticism or occultism- as they are very talented in these fields.

As a general rule, Aquariuses are very honest and good, economic, diligent, kind and helpful. They also like to live actively and play sports – usually in some purpose and sensibly. They are also great speakers, who know human’s psyche perfectly, so they are good leaders, but also psychologists. They are also predisposed to social or reformative work, prove useful in technical, artistic, scientific and literature jobs. They are fascinated by supernatural forces, and love the world of nature – plants, animals, but also psychic science, like astrology. They love music and art, in which they are looking for the reflection of nature. They notice development and growth everywhere.

Aquariuses, as great psychologist, are able to notice other people’s disadvantages and they sometime make fun of them, but rather not in a bad will. Despite all of this, their jokes are negatively received and may cause many arguments in this matter. They also tend to be petulant,  psychologically complicated, which makes them difficult to deal with. They can sacrifice a lot for their friends, however, they sometimes don’t appreciate real love and have high expectations about their partners. As a result, Aquariuses are often unable to use all the resources of good which are accumulated in themselves, kicking against exaggerated injustices and harms caused by the fate or the closest people.


Aquariuses as partners

partnerShe-Aquarius is an energetic, intelligent woman who loves innovations in every field, often very intellectual. She happens to be petulant and changeable, doesn’t tolerate weaknesses and fights against failures wisely. Her partner needs to have a smart, open mind, it would be good for him to be also sociable and original. She isn’t a very passionate woman, and only with age grows up to some decisions and chooses a partner. In contacts with men, she is looking for adventures, emotions and unusual experiences. She values family life, but also has to be surrounded by other people, who she will be able to do something for, at least ceremonial dinner. She likes being praised and adored.

He-Aquarius is a good material for husband and father – mostly thanks to his optimistic attitude and constant cheerfulness. He happens to be wasteful, but usually spends his money wisely. In women, he pays attention to beauty, intellect and sensibility, but his partner doesn’t have to be a powerhouse of passion. As a general rule, he is faithful and constant in feelings, however, he may have a problem with expressing his emotions. He is not passionate, which sometimes may cause arguments with his partner, he also doesn’t shower her with compliments, but can provide with peace, sense of safety and comfortable life.

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