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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Aquarius

Is such a fearful Aquarius like him? Check what disadvantages most often characterize people under this sign of the Zodiac

Colorful interior and a passion for originality – this is the entire zodiacal Aquarius.


It appears that the Aquarius is a sign of the water element, but this is not true because, in fact, thanks to the protection of Uranus, it will be bound by the force of the air. It makes them feel great, and others value their company because there is no chance of boredom when the Aquarius is nearby.

People born between January 21 and February 18 love everything non-standard. They are the creators of new ideas who can draw crowds with them. They are characterized by vision and courage in applying innovative and non-standard solutions.

Despite the social disposition and openness of the world’s Aquarian, communicating with them does not have to be as easy as it may seem. Unfortunately, the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac have several disadvantages, which may give their marks strongly to their surroundings.


1. Nervousness

Although they are friendly and ambitious, Aquarius are also characterized by nervousness. They quickly give in to emotions, which are often deficient in their case.

Lack of control over their nerves results in aggression towards the environment. Anger in watermarks often arouses the behavior of other people, who are too conservative or boring according to watermen.

You can read more about the disadvantages of Aquarius on the following pages.


2. Risk and a weak sense of responsibility

Aquarius likes risk and is not afraid to take it. Often, dangerous situations are packaged deliberately, regardless of their consequences, which negatively affects his loved ones.

To ensure an injection of adrenaline, the representatives of this sign can disregard their duties and put everything on one scale.

Risk and a weak sense of responsibility

3. An overgrown ego

Aquarius have a high opinion and want their surroundings to be right when they propose or comment on something.

Often, they consider themselves better because they see that greater creativity and courage in action characterizes them. Excessive egos make people treat them with contempt.

An overgrown ego

4. Rebellious disposition

Aquarius are eager for change and often rebel. These acts of disobedience and opposition are very vigorous and ready for the last breath to defend their reasons.

A rebellious disposition is a dangerous flaw because watermen do not rebel and encourage resistance. Because of their rebelliousness, many people consider unpredictable watermarks.

Rebellious disposition

5. Stubbornness

Aquarius, wanting to pursue his visionary plans, had to learn to be stubborn. This feature indeed helps him achieve success, but it often has adverse effects because it makes it hard to build relationships with other people and conduct discussions.

Also, because of their stubbornness, people from the sign of the Aquarius are closed to new products, which they like so much.


6. No profound involvement in relationships

Aquarius relationships are usually shallow because they dislike to confide in what is playing on their soul, so building a deep connection with them is pretty tricky.

Their distancing often reveals a lack of understanding of the problems of others because they will not put themselves in someone else’s situation.

No profound involvement in relationships

7. Vanity

Zodiacal Aquarius is grateful for compliments and wants to be admired. That is why they are very flattered with kind words and the best way to calm a degenerate Aquarius.

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