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Aquarius November 2020


Certainly November will be a month for you in which you will analyze all your previous achievements, verify your views and beliefs, and make decisions on which your future will depend.

Prepare yourself that there will be a person on your way who will give you many different opinions, which, however, will have little relation to reality.

Aquarius horoscope November 2020

This will be information sucked out of your finger.

Before moving on with a counter-attack, think about whether it will be better to show that the rumors you hear do not make any impression on you and let them go in spite of your ears.

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Aquarius horoscope November

You will still have time to attack, you will see that your indifferent behavior will arouse greater anger in the person who distributes them.

November will mark you with many parties and social events that you will be happy to invite.

That is why every invitation is accepted openly.

Do not even think to refuse.

Otherwise, you will not have an opportunity to shine.

Not only that, for all singles this kind of meeting will be a great opportunity to meet interesting people, while people in permanent relationships should stick to attention.

Establishing acquaintance with a representative of the opposite sex may result in the creation of quite a confusion in the head.

However, before you go into the vortex of madness and passion, think about whether it is worthwhile to waste so much time spent together for the moment of elation.

Watch out for the amount of food you eat.

If you do not restrain this desire, you may face serious consequences due to overeating.

Look closely at what you eat and how much you eat.

Beware of sweets.

They are neither healthy nor nutritious, and how harmful they can be.

In the end, you will not enjoy a few extra kilos?.

Aquarius November 2020

November 2020

Important numbers:

6, 9, 10

November important dates:

10, 11, 14, 15, 18

Special note:

Although many people will try hard to get you out of balance, do not let yourself be provoked and remain calm. Otherwise, it will be bad for you. Remember that in some situations it is better to bite your teeth and say nothing than to enter into anything that does not conflict. In the meantime, you will pay back a beautiful one for the next month.

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tarot horoscope November 2020

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