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Leo November 2018

November will be the month in which you will be able to expand your field of interests and your own activities.

Still, do not take too many responsibilities on your shoulders because you can not help them all.

Leo horoscope November 2018

What you can do is do your best and let others do their own thing and make sure everything is done as it should.

Beware, because those around you who see your good heart can become addicted to you and use your good intentions towards them.

Leo horoscope November

In the middle of the month, around 18 November, you'll breathe a sigh of relief, because you'll explain some things to someone at work that has long seemed intricate and complicated.

And solving them will be easier than you might think, which will put you in extraordinary astonishment.


November 2018

Important numbers:

3, 11, 15

November important dates:

3, 7, 16, 24, 25

Special note:

In your social life, something will start to happen, thanks to the association of the lion and Aquarius. In dealing with them, you will be able to break certain barriers and learn many interesting things about yourself.

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tarot horoscope November 2018


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