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Dreams of pregnancy are one of the most common. Both women and men dream of her.

Pregnancy appears in dreams when a new project begins to sprout in our minds, an idea, when a new idea blossoms.

Pregnancy in dreams
It is commonly believed that someone is very prolific, that is, creative and inventive, so being fertile and getting pregnant usually means that we are witnessing the formation of a certain concept. There is something new in our lives and we want to get involved. It has to do with inner life rather than outer life.

It may indicate a new state – for example, falling in love or planning something new that we are just thinking about. Interestingly, when our dreams begin to come true, there may be childbirth or a newborn baby.

Women who dream of getting pregnant are expected to make these dreams come true.

Which month of pregnancy we are in asleep indicates how long the project takes to sprout and develop in our mind.

Our pregnancy state of sleep indicates the success of the project. If we are happy about this fact, it heralds a happy development and success of the plans. If we conceal a pregnancy – due to internal doubts, uncertainty, hesitations, we will fail.

To see a pregnant woman: you will meet unpleasantness on your way.

To be pregnant: hopes fulfilled.

Be pregnant at risk: family troubles.

Feel bad pregnant: something is bothering you.

Planning a pregnancy: a new plan that you want to implement.

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