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Horoscope December 2019

December 2019 horoscope
Free horoscope : December 2019

Aries December2019

Aries December 2019

Horoscope predicts that December 2019 will be moderately good and happy for Aries. In your life, Mars mixes up with Neptune. Their unfavourable position will bring perfectionists to your path, very demanding or smart people. You will have to work with them on a new project. Your irritation will reach its limits, but you will show patience and self-control. You will unload your ... detailed horoscope
Taurus December2019

Taurus December 2019

December is the time of unexpected events and compromises for Taurus. You must accomplish them if you want to achieve your goals and assumptions. It will help you with personal charm and take care of social contacts. December will also be a month in which it is worth focusing on professional development, and where solving family problems can wait. Professional success for T... detailed horoscope
Gemini December2019

Gemini December 2019

For those born under the sign Gemini , it will be a light and pleasant month. Family and social meetings, spending time together will be a priority. This will give much happiness and peace, which will give strength in action. At work, there will be calmness and stability, and the boss will appreciate your achievements so far and will not burden you with your duties. Good re... detailed horoscope
Cancer December2019

Cancer December 2019

In December 2019, Cancer will be very capricious and complain about everything. Such attitude will give them a lot of trouble, especially in relations with family and friends. Contrary to appearances, stubbornness, and selfishness this time will be a hindrance in achieving goals, so if you want to succeed, you must be humbler and learn to reach compromises. In December Cancer ,... detailed horoscope
Leo December2019

Leo December 2019

In December 2019 Leo will turn their attention to other people and will be very empathic. This is a very good return for a situation that will help to strengthen relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Unfortunately, the consequences of decisions taken months ago will also get you, and there will be an internal conflict. Leo who are parents will have serious problem... detailed horoscope
Virgo December2019

Virgo December 2019

December 2019 will be for the Virgo time to summarise and draw conclusions from failures. You will focus on yourself and finally settle with the past. Planets will give you a great intuition that will help you get out of trouble. You will find the right words and will emerge victorious from an important debate. You will be assertive and feel good (both in the professional and p... detailed horoscope
Libra December2019

Libra December 2019

December 2019 will focus Libra’s attention on family matters. Relations with loved ones will be most important for you and rightly so because you'll find that there is real power in the family that draws the worst from the worst. Activity and care will be very important for Libra because thanks to these features, family conflicts will be eased. When seeking understanding with... detailed horoscope
Scorpio December2019

Scorpio December 2019

In December 2019, Scorpion will concentrate on work. They will attach an important project whose success can ensure their family's well-being. They will not bother them and expect them to be heavily involved in family matters. Up to the 20th of December, your success will depend on cooperation with others. After this date, the planet system will change, and the Moon will give y... detailed horoscope
Sagittarius December2019

Sagittarius December 2019

In a month 2019, Sagittarius will have to bet on their own. Expressing yourself and your views, as well as opinions, will prove crucial to maintaining your professional position. Do not be afraid to decide and make things clear because only bigger problems will arise from misunderstandings. There may be many variables in life, and it will be difficult to keep up with them. ... detailed horoscope
Capricorn December2019

Capricorn December 2019

In December #h, each Capricorn will have to fight for balance in professional and family life. Balance must be maintained, but it is not always successful. Capricorn should remember that everything is in his hands. It's up to you whether you can keep it or let it go. In professional matters, December will be a time of progress. However, you must remember that before making im... detailed horoscope
Aquarius December2019

Aquarius December 2019

The period from the beginning of the month to the 23rd of December 2019 will be a time of intense work for Aquarius. You will focus on a career that, unlike private matters, will fit you well. You will have to rely on what will bring you blind destiny. Spontaneity and flexibility will be specified about what will happen to you. The backward movements of planets can slow down th... detailed horoscope
Pisces December2019

Pisces December 2019

December 2019 will pass Pisces very quickly, probably because it will be very pleasant and rich in exciting events. It will be a very happy time for you, rich in successes. Learning new skills will come with great ease. You will have a lot of vigour, energy, and your positive attitude will prove to be the key to success. The location of Mars will have a positive impact on you. ... detailed horoscope

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