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Capricorn November 2018

November will undoubtedly be a month of many commitments to those close to your heart.

As a result, it will be a very hard and effective time for you, and unfortunately quite monotonous .

Capricorn horoscope November 2018



Capricorn horoscope November

There will be no attempt to transfer some of your obligations to other people.

Everything fell on your head, do not worry anyway.

You really have a great chance to finish many things if you stick to previously set guidelines.

Only then is the success guaranteed.

The end of the month can be stormy.

Stars are a fortune-telling duel.

It is quite possible that a person who belongs to a group of competitors, allies or accomplices will be on your way.

Explain all your misunderstandings and inaccuracies that the whole bunch has collected.

Only then will you clean the atmosphere, and thus your relations will be inviolable for many years - especially for reasons of rumors or insinuations.


November 2018

Important numbers:

5, 6, 9

November important dates:

1, 7, 15, 18, 26

Special note:

In the middle of the month The Moon, which will be in the New Moon phase, will pay special attention to matters related to family, home and finances.

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tarot horoscope November 2018


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