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The element belonging to the Virgo’s sign is Earth, which among other things gives her great practicality, the ability to manage and multiply money, and the undertake extreme efforts to achieve it.

Thanks to the presence of the Earth, the Virgo is also very ambitious and wants to achieve success, not only financial.

Virgos focus all their efforts on the goal, and in all their efforts are extremely determined and stubborn. Errors are avoided, and they always fulfil their obligations, which is an example of responsibility.

With the presence of the Earth in this sign, there are proverbs associated with Virgos. One of them is the term, “hard to walk on the ground”, which means being realistic and focusing on practical issues and physical matters.

Virgo is very distinguished by this, and at the same time, lacks the ability of a sober look at the surrounding reality.

The careful planet and the characteristics of Virgo

The caring planet of Virgo is Mercury, which makes people value family life and are capable of great love.

They have many feelings, you only have to be able to reach them, and when they are affectionate and show that they can trust, they will show all the strength of their love and loyalty. Also, they are practical and do not allow themselves to break away from reality, they are also capable of great efforts, above all mental ones.

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