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Virgo – Strengths

The virgin is considered the most intelligent sign of the zodiac because Mercury is high in it.

They are practical and intelligent when it comes to everyday issues. Analytically and profoundly thinking, her greatest strength is her mind, which should be used to solve life issues that are obvious to her.

Pure and accurate, the Virgo will repair everything that has been broken, tainted or spoiled – she will make it clean, constant and working again.

That’s why healers are often found among such people because some female Virgos have a talent for healing broken hearts, souls, psyche or bodies.

Intelligent with a strong in-depth analysis skill, Virgos reveal all kinds of important information that no one else even dares to look for. They are practical, but with a strongly marked feature of repairing everything it can, however, become a negative feature if the lady falls to the extreme.

She should always remember that it is unhealthy to stick to things that are not right all the time.

An important feature of the Virgin is also purity, regarding clarity of mind, physiology and sexuality. Although she does not accept the symptoms of obsession, it is a feature that makes them good roommates, partners and holidaymakers.

Female Virgo – Weaknesses

The greatest weakness of every Virgo is hidden in her emotional world. Although female Virgos rely on their minds to find all the answers they seek, a lack of understanding can lead them to painful, irrational experiences that they simply do not understand. They must accept their delicacy, sensitivity and approach to heart affairs as important and sensible.

The second weakness they have to face is the lack of awareness of their own values, demonstrated by their need always to think less of themselves as if they could not have any more satisfaction. Modesty of Virgo is also a problem because although it is often considered a positive trait, in the case of Virgo it is often negative.

Her whole life can focus on finding a way to express her personality, realise her worth and receive the respect she deserves. If she puts herself in the role of victim, it can become an endless loop based solely on her inability to see what she deserves.

The virgin also tends to hold on obsessively to what is important to her. She keeps information, analyses, problems or toxic people. She is also critical of her own work and routine, and her love life does not take up much space in her mind.

Lack of emotional satisfaction increases her ability to find faults, and she seems concentrated on finding them in situations and other people.

Female Virgo in relationships

As a variable sign, Virgo is the least consistent and reliable of all characters. With all the attention focused on details in her professional or personal life, she still often does not look at her watch and finds herself late, forgetting to call or changing plans at the last minute.

In most cases, her sense of responsibility and strong pressure to become her own perfect version, pushing her forward, but beyond such situations, it is still difficult to trust her because it can undermine trust without reason.

Virgo will look for people similar to her and among them will choose for herself a partner who is open and emotional, she is too harsh and evaluates those who show weaknesses which she does not want to see in herself.

Caring and nurturing when she loves someone, she will obsessively do everything in her power to make her beloved person feel good and be satisfied. It can be a bit complicated and sometimes too much, but if you can understand the real needs and limits of your loved one, it should be fine.

Female Virgo as a partner

Virgo becomes extremely solicitous when intimacy arises. In a sense, they give the impression that they are too attached, and some more liberal characters may have trouble with the fact that the Virgo must control them.

It is important to understand that the control stems from the fear of losing whom they love, and the clearly defined boundaries and love stress each day, so it should not be a problem in the long run.

In general, the Virgo will be attentive and caring, but at the same time sensible and choosing her partner by various criteria – many of them are not related to emotions at all.

Virgo as a parent

The maiden works in the way that her intelligence dictates. Although it may seem like her emotions are missing, only her children know how much love lies behind every act.

The truth is that the ladies care for the children deeply, but they always want to remain sensible, so they do not lose their personality because of which they feel guilty.

Too much caution can make them distanced, and they must understand that emotions should often be shared with family more than with anyone else, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Virgo loves discipline and order, but if it goes away from compassion, it can become a problem.

Generally, however, this is a good thing, and the Virgo has a natural ability to establish order and make their family function well and support each other.

Virgo as a child

Virgo is more sensitive than it seems at first glance. Their curiosity can be described as not very emotional, and they need parents who can recognise their best feelings and teach them how to name them and express them in a socially acceptable way.

Obedient and modest by nature, Virgo can be easily hurt, and their self-esteem needs to be built from the first day. They usually have good work habits and are responsible, but they need to know what their duties are in the home.

They have trouble, however, realising what good the work is and what it takes to appreciate it when they lose sight of what they have done well.

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