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The element that affects the behaviour of Cancer is Water.

It gives him great sensitivity to the world, as well as impulsiveness and changing moods. It is also the reason that Cancer needs calmness to be able to contemplate its mood, experienced emotions, as well as develop and grow.

Unfortunately, he also likes to think about failures and it is not easy for him to pick himself up form them. Probably Water also affects the fact that Cancer is secretive and does not like to share with others what he is experiencing inside himself.

There are also some proverbs that match Cancer, for example, “you do not enter the same water twice”. Susceptibility of Cancer means that if they get offended or hurt, they will not want to risk and repeat a given situation.

The life of “bread and water” also metaphorically is not foreign to them because they are willing to be austere and do not need much to live.

The saying, “ends in water”, meaning to hide the truth, also fit most Cancerians, who are secretive and do not want to let themselves be known to the end. Also “silent water shores” is in the case of this mark, spot on because Cancer seems to be very calm, but sometimes they can lose control over themselves.

Care planet and Cancer traits

The patron of Cancer is the Moon, which gives him sensitivity and emotionality, as well as detachment from reality and devotion to dreams. It also causes Cancer to be sensitive, emotional and able to show their love.

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