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Cancer – favourable signs

Cancer’s are unfortunately tricky partners because they do not like when they are criticised, are not ready to compromise, and are also quite selfish from contact with a loved one but are patient and persistent.

Family is important to them, just like finding the right person with whom to spend their lives. A person who wants to get involved with him, however, needs a lot of patience, forbearance and the ability to respect individuality.

Cancer belongs to the water trigon and it will be best when they will be associated with people who also belong to it, meaning Pisces and Scorpio. These signs are gentle, forgiving and will not hurt sensitive Cancer.

Cancer + Pisces

The Pisces sign is definitely calm and even slow and composed. They are, unfortunately, quite emotionally unstable, sometimes they are melancholy, but it also gives them great skills of compassion and empathy. They are intuitive and can easily learn what a secretive Cancer feels.

The Pisces woman is compassionate and it is difficult to trust her, and she is sometimes reckless. She needs a sympathetic, calm and patient man. She can be a passionate and ill-conceived woman, but only for one man of her life.

Male Pisces can be a great husband and father because he is affectionate and sensitive. He chooses brave, entrepreneurial and confident women.

Cancer + Scorpio

Scorpio is an individualist, he is sometimes impulsive and often arouses controversy. He is focused on himself and what he loves, is extremely authoritarian and realistically looking at the world. He is strong and can rise even after a big defeat. He can be brutal and malicious.

The Scorpio woman is changeable, sometimes malicious and brutally honest, but she is very popular among men. The relationship with her is difficult because she is jealous, possessive and does not avoid jealous scenes.

The Scorpion man is also jealous and a bit selfish, but even though he has a great opinion of himself, he does not mind completely submitting to a woman and giving her the lead in a relationship.

Here is a detailed affiliate horoscope for Cancer

The remaining signs of the zodiac that are favourable to Cancer are Virgo and Cancer.

Zodiac signs neutral to Cancer include Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Zodiac signs that are unfavourable to Cancer are Gemini and Aries.

On the next page, you read about the planet and the element related to the sign of the Cancer zodiac.

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