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Cancer – Strengths

The biggest advantage of each Cancer is compassion, as well as the ability to care for people who are affected by them.

Born with a very strong empathic ability, he may have problems with sticking to his boundaries.

If, however, he is not afraid of being hurt and bravely accepts emotional challenges, he becomes an adaptable, trustworthy person who really likes his fatherly approach to those in need.

Cancer is also very loving. He feels beautiful emotions about every human being and is capable of great romantic love. Thanks to the building of intimacy and closeness, the beloved person feels special. He cares for her and will never leave her.

He also has great compassion with an incredibly deep understanding for other people. Cancer will always listen before acting impulsively, evaluating or violating the limits of others.


He is often attached to the past and at the same time worries about the future, which may cause him to lose stability sometimes. His inner emotional swing is as fast as the Moon’s journey to other celestial bodies, and it is not easy to follow his deep inner flow of feelings that never stop moving and building.

His emotions change with the tides and movements of the Moon, that’s why his moods cannot be predicted unless you know him in the deepest sense and can understand from where the wave is coming.

Cancer is excessively sensitive to his point, which makes him feel bad for many years before he realises his real value and learns to use it. He is heavily devoted to love. Seeking love, he tends to become too attached. He should stick to his individuality.

Cancer in relationships

In general, Cancers are attached to people quickly, caused by pure emotions and tend to be loyal, gentle and dignity to those concerned. They are helpful and strong when needed, but sometimes they easily forget about their sensitive side, which in return needs affection and gratitude.

Reactive and with an inner sense of morality, they are too deep which can cause trouble because often they do not hold back and say the first thing that comes to mind.

Cancer as a parent

Representatives of this sign seem to seek the meaning of life. It is often unclear why every horoscope they read speaks of their attachment to family values, but it is much clearer when they have their own children. The most important parenting training for them is to check reality, who really is helpless and needs care and nursing?

Unfortunately, this often sheds light on those who can do well independently, and when their child is born, many unsustainable friendships will end. Cancer will give them all love, hope and dreams and encourage them to grow in whatever direction they want.

The biggest problem arises when a Cancer parent is dissatisfied with his own life because he becomes demanding, dependent on his child(ren) and resorts to emotional blackmail only to obtain the love he needs.

Regarding respect for the independence of their children, Cancer will love and find their purpose in shaping children and will use the resources of their own lives to build a strong and persistent personality for their children.

Cancer as a child

A child Cancer needs a lot of attention and care but at the same time the same freedom to build their own way of thinking. By the presence of Jupiter in the sign, these children have an amazing desire to learn, but on their terms, and only about things that ignite their hearts and move their souls.

Do not push them to work or to learn things they are not interested in because they need a strong focus and a career built on a good foundation, in the direction that their heart chooses.

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