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The Papess – yes no tarot


Yes No tarot reading : The Papess

Female influences · Insight · Mystery · Understanding · Wisdom

The Papess is a very spiritual card – often of an erotic character.

It can mean that you are in the phase of being a very attractive, interesting person. You will seduce, tempt. It will be difficult to pass by you indifferently.

It is a card assigned to the Moon, femininity and inspiration that you will draw intensively from everything you come into contact with.

papess yes no tarot

It can be a magical, mystical time for love. Your intuition will not disappoint you. Ask the card a question about what you want to know the most ……

The Papess is a spiritual woman, full of secrets, wisdom and understanding. It is a synonym of a sensitive, gentle woman who explores things with all her senses, is guided by intuition, has a good big heart and developed spirituality.

This card marks your journey of self-discovery. Indicates things that have not yet been discovered in your life.

She is the personification of motherly love, a teacher, rich in knowledge and experience. The priestess suggests quietness and encourages reflection.

It instructs you to wander towards self-discovery and devote yourself to reflection. The answer to your questions is unclear.

yes no tarot reading

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