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The Tower – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Tower

Destruction · Dramatic Change · Losses and Ruins · A New Beginning · Unexpected Events

The tower is a card about change.

Like the Devil and Death, the Tower is not as frightening or menacing as the pictures on most cards.

The selected Tower card requires flexibility. You should flow with the current of changes that await you in life.

love tarot tower

The drawn Tower also symbolizes changes in love. The love sphere will be one of the dominant ones in your life. This is where most will happen.

This card may or may not indicate a relationship to end.

If you’re in a relationship where you’re good and you don’t want to end it, it’s an important time to summarise the mistakes and develop better communication.

Find out what your partner feels and does. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t guess. Draw conclusions from the facts, not a clue.

Arkanum means that you will finally get to know yourself, feel more attractive and desired by your partner. Your confidence will increase and with it the need for intimacy that you will not only receive but also initiate.

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