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Sagittarius : friendly signs

friendly signsSigns of the zodiac friendly to Sagittarius

It’s hard to win the trust and sympathy of Sagittarius, as he hides his feelings and real thoughts under the cover of wit and irony. Although it can’t be seen at first glance, material issues matter to him. In order to win Sagittarius’ heart, you have to be honest, intelligent and broad-minded.  It’s worth effort, as Sagittarius is a good partner.

Sagittariuses in relationships

She-Sagittarius is happy, sociable, direct and life-loving woman. She values the position and money of her partner, so it takes her long to find a proper one, also paying attention to his manners and appearance. A perfect partner should be neat and experienced – and only then She-Sagittarius will be a really good companion, loyal and faithful. She is not looking for price charming, but for men with high position, however, she unfortunately often attracts regular people… She doesn’t like household jobs, but likes to develop her professional career. She loves to get small presents, which flatters her vanity. She also remembers about every single anniversary.

He-Sagittarius is a free spirit, he values independence – his partner should understand this need and not try to limit him. He’s intelligent and determined, he finds it hard to get involved in a relationship, because he does a lot of things at once which absorb his attention. He loves perfect women – well-groomed, elegant and temperamental – he won’t stand a housewife in a long run, as well as too little active and calm women. It’s hard to win his trust – if you eventually manage to do that, you should share his opinions and be understanding, and everything should be alright.

Sagittarius : the trigon of fire

Sagittarius, along with Aries and Taurus, belong to the fire trigon, which is connected with such features as universal energy, enthusiasm, joy of life, carelessness, impetuosity, braveness and love of risking. And those are the signs which should stick together, as they will reach understanding easily.

ARIES is a sign of the zodiac with features of character typical for men, giving the people a strong will to rule, fight, no worries of danger or risk, bravery and courage. People of Aries like clear situations, don’t accept half measures. They are great in a fight, but have problems with peaceful negotiations and admitting mistakes. They live the present moment and think about the future, not the past. They are known of quick reactions – first they act, then think. Their actions are often accompanied by hastiness and lack of patience.

She-Aries is a noble, helpful, ward working, sociable and hedonistic woman. She tends to exaggerate- either she moans too much, or grits her teeth and plays the hero. She also tends to being overly enthusiastic or overly despaired. Despite her apparent reserve, she is a powerhouse of passion, which sometimes – in case of a weak men – may end up with disappointment.

He-Aries is a man who loves risk and spicy situations. He loves to fight – striving for aim is more important to him than the aim itself. He values shy women, whom he can help get more opened, and who will be impressed by his personality. Usually kind, polite and sociable, well-liked by surrounding.

LEO is the sign which personifies generosity, strength and majesty. People of this sign are brave, authoritarian, but also kind, gentle and tolerant at the same time, helpful, but sometimes a bit naïve. They like to rest, work as much as necessary, love to emphasize their personality and being the life and soul of the party, usually are stubborn and it’s hard to convince them that they are wrong. They hate criticism, and as a result, they sometimes pick wrong co-workers, choosing those who crawl to them blindly.

She-Leo is a good candidate for a faithful partner, model mother and passionate lover. She is attractive, suave, confident of her values, and loving admiration. She hates weak men without position and money, however, she likes to flirt and have a lot of admirers.

He-Leo, on the other hand, is a home bird, model father and a good partner – provided he settles down. For a long time, he flirts, gets into affairs, is constantly in love or out of love…He expects from his partner admiration, submission and faithfulness. He’s terrified of impotence.

trigon of the fire

Other signs of the zodiac friendly to Sagittarius

Other friendly signs of the zodiac are: Libra and Scorpio.

Libra belongs to the trigon of air, is balanced, very aesthetic, sensual, sociable and kind, however, she sometimes tends to be vain and changeable, she loves beauty.

Scorpio, although he seems to be phlegmatic, happens to be energetic, determined and knows what he wants. He’s secret, passionate and self-confident, and will make a good relationship with Sagittarius on the basis that opposites attracts.

Signs of the zodiac neutral to Sagittarius

The neutral signs of the zodiac are: Taurus, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius.

Signs of the zodiac unfriendly to Sagittarius

The unfriendly signs of the zodiac, which Sagittarius should avoid in order not to get involved in violent arguments, are: Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

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