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Numerous talents and intelligences are among the many advantages of people born in October. Discover these and other valuable features of October-born people.

5. They are active
Energy and action is important to them, it is a part of life that they do not give up. Children born in October are healthier and more efficient than their peers, prefer to move and run than to sit in front of a computer. Activity in various fields makes them unable to sit still and get bored without avowal.

6. They can transfer knowledge
This is a great advantage of people born in October. They skillfully transfer knowledge and train others, regardless of whether they are the heads of large companies or teachers in a small school. They know how to use the talents of others and motivate them to self-fulfillment and development. They also skillfully resolve conflicts and reconcile others, they are not afraid to react when they see the need.

7. They are great friends
Friendship is very important to them, they always have a bunch of friends and even more acquaintances. They are loyal and supportive, they can help in any situation. They like to play with friends, but they also do not shy away from help and support. In hard times they support advice and help, they are not afraid to help when a friend gets in trouble and has no one to turn to.

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