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These 7 features characterize those born in March. If you are a March child you have something that makes you stand out

Those who were born in March, like thinking. That is why they feel comfortable in the company of you and your thoughts. They can talk about the good and bad aspects of life for hours and, of course, look for the positive side of things. They like to have everything well thought out before taking action.

They love music and art
And most importantly, they are talented at it. Art and all artistic challenges are made just for them. They also have the necessary persistence to become an expert in their field. As artists, March children focus on the work of creating something and not just on fame.

Being driven by premonitions and their inner voice is natural to them. For them, the best advisor, is one who is not afraid to listen. They use them to think about important decisions and practice positive thinking and therefore have the talent to overcome adversity. It is not easy to deceive and fool them.

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