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September 26

September 26 – Famous Birthdays

Serena Williams (TENNIS PLAYER) 1981


Jim Caviezel (MOVIE ACTOR) 1968


Olivia Newton-John (POP SINGER) 1948


September 26 – Famous Birthdays

1729 Moses Mendelssohn philosopher/critic/Bible translator
1774 John Chapman [Johnny Appleseed], frontier nurseryman
1820 Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar father of Bengali prose (Exile of Sita)
1876 Edith Abbott dean U of Chic Social Sciences
1888 T.S. Eliot St Louis poet/dramatist/critic (Waste Land-Nobel 1948)
1889 Martin Heidegger Germany, Existentialist (Being & Time)
1891 Charles Munch Strasbourg Alsatian conductor (French Legion D’Honeur)
1895 Fay Holden Birmingham England, actress (Mother-Andy Hardy films)
1897 Pope Paul VI 262nd Roman Catholic pope (1963-78)
1898 George Gershwin [Jacob Gershvin] Bkln NY, composer (Rhapsody in Blue)
19– Lorraine Lewis rocker (Femme Fatale)
19– Rachel Jacobs Ririe Idaho, actress (It’s Not Easy)
19– Richard Herd Brighton Mass, actor (TJ Hooker, V)
19– Todd Chase rocker (Tuff-What Comes Around Goes Around)
1901 Donald Cook Portland Ore, actor (Too Young To Go Steady)
1902 Albert Anastasia head of Murder Inc
1907 Ralph Michael London England, actor (Quest, Doctor in the House)
1914 Jack LaLanne exercise mogul
1919 Barbara Britton Long Beach, Calif, actress (Young & Willing)
1925 Bobby Shantz baseball player (1952 AL MVP)
1925 Marty Robbins Glendale Az, singer (Devil Woman, I Walk Alone)
1926 Julie London Santa Rosa Calif, actress (Nurse McCall-Emergency)
1927 Patrick O’Neal Ocala Fla, actor (Kaz, Alvarez Kelly, King Rat)
1930 Fritz Wunderlich Kusel Germany, tenor (Stuttgart 1955-58)
1930 Philip Bosco Jersey City, actor (Trading Places)
1932 Clifton C Williams Jr Mobile Alabama, Major USMC/astronaut
1932 Joyce Jameson Chicago Ill, comedienne (Spike Jones Show)
1933 Donna Douglas [Dot Smith], Pride La, actress (Beverly Hillbillies)
1942 Kent McCord LA Calif, actor (Officer Jim Reed-Adam 12)
1945 Brian Ferry England, rocker (Roxy Music-Let’s Stick Together)
1946 Mary Beth Hurt Iowa, actress (Garp, Change of Seasons)
1947 Graham Faulkner London, actor (Brother Sun Sister Moon)
1947 Lynn Anderson ND, country singer (I Never Promised you a Rose Garden)
1947 Richard Roth US, 400m swim medley (Olympic-gold-1964)
1948 Olivia Newton-John Cambridge England, singer (I Honestly Love You, Physical)
1948 Vladimir Remek 1st Czechoslovakian space traveler (in Soyuz 28)
1952 James Keane Buffalo NY, actor (Willis Bell-Paper Chase)
1956 Linda Hamilton Salisbury Md, actress (Catherine-Beauty & the Beast)
1962 Melissa Sue Anderson Cal, actress (Little House on the Prairie)
1962 Tracey Thorn rocker (Everything But the Girls)
1963 Lysette Anthony London, actress (Angelique-Dark Shadows, Switch)
1964 Ty Miller Granada Hills Calif, actor (The Kid-The Young Riders)
1967 Martha Nix Orange County Calif, actress (Serena-Waltons)
1972 Shann Stockman [Slim], Phila Pa, rapper (Boyz II Men)

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