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October 24


October 24 – Famous Birthdays

Drake (RAPPER) 1986

Wayne Rooney (SOCCER PLAYER) 1985

Adrienne Bailon (POP SINGER) 1983

October 24 – Famous Birthdays

1632 Antony van Leeuwenhoek Hol, naturalist (Philosophical Transactions)
1788 Sarah Josepha Hale author (Mary Had a Little Lamb)
1882 Dame Sybil Thorndike England, actress (Saint Joan)
1890 Chicago Mainbocher uniform designer (Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Waves)
19– Doug Davidson actor (Paul-The Young & the Restless)
19– Glenn Tipton rocker (Judas Priest-Breakin’ the Law)
19– James Whitmore Jr NYC, actor (Hunter, Baa Baa Black Sheep)
19– Karen Austin Welch WV, actress (Carrie-Quest, Lana-Night Court)
19– Maggie Pierce Detroit Mich, actress (Barbara-My Mother the Car)
19– Ron Tomme Chicago Ill, actor (Charles-Dallas, Love of Life)
19– Teri Keane actress (Loving)
1904 Moss Hart Bronx NY, playwright (You can’t Take it With You, Act 1)
1911 Clarence M Kelley FBI head
1923 Denise Levertov American poet/essayist (Joy Beneath the Skin)
1925 Luciano Berio Oneglia Italy, composer (Chemins)
1926 YA Tittle AAFC, NFL QB (Baltimore, SF, NY Giants, MVP 1963)
1929 George Crumb Charleston WV, composer (Pulitzer 1968-Echoes of Time)
1929 James Brosnan baseball player/writer (The Long Season)
1936 Bill Wyman England, rocker (Rolling Stones-Under My Thumb)
1936 David Nelson NYC, actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
1938 Fred E Finn SF Calif, pianist (Mickie Finn’s)
1940 F Murray Abraham actor (Amadeus, Mad Man)
1947 Kevin Kline St Louis, actor (Sophie’s Choice, Big Chill)
1951 Todd Crespi Frankfurt Germany, actor (The Magician)
1953 James di Donato twin who swam the butterfly 40.6 miles
1953 Jonathan di Donato twin who swam the butterfly 40.6 miles
1972 Louis Michael Anthony Sassin Boston, rocker (4 Fun-Unbelievable Fun)

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