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May 10

May 10 – Famous Birthdays

Bono (ROCK SINGER) 1960

Fred Astaire (MOVIE ACTOR) 1899 – 1987


Lindsey Shaw (TV ACTRESS) 1989


May 10 – Famous Birthdays

1536 Thomas Howard 4th duke of Norfolk, English Earl Marshall
1697 Jean Marie I’aine Leclair composer
1705 Gallus Zeiler composer
1724 Johan A Zoutman Dutch Lieutenant-Admiral (battle of Doggersbank)
1727 Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot French minister of Finance (17.. -76)
1730 George Ross US judge (signed Declaration of Independence)
1741 Johann Michael Schmidt composer
1754 Asmus Jakob Carstens painter
1760 Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle soldier/author/composer (Marseillaise)
1760 J P Hebel writer
1769 Jean Lannes duc de Montebello, Marshal of France
1770 Louis Nicholas Davout French field marshall (defeated Prussians)
1776 George Thomas Smart composer
1780 Peter Lichtenthal composer
1783 Niccola Benvenuti composer
1788 Augustin-Jean Fresnel optics pioneer/physicist
1795 Jacques-Nicolas-Augustin Thierry historian
1800 Nikolay Alexeyevich Titov composer
1810 James Shields Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1879
1813 Montgomery Blair Franklin County KY, lawyer (Dred Scot v Sandford)
1822 August Ritter von Pettenkofen painter
1823 John Sherman MC (Union), died in 1900
1824 Charles Henry Van Wyck Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1895
1825 Rudolf Viole composer
1830 François M Raoult French physicist/chemist (law of Raoult)
1837 Pinckney B S Pinchback Lieutenant Governor (Louisiana)
1838 James 1st Viscount Bryce, historian/statesman
1838 John Wilkes Booth assassin of Abraham Lincoln
1843 Benito Pérez Galdós Spain, novelist (Fountain of Gold, Nazáarin)
1843 Kaufmann Kohler reform rabbi/theologian
1850 Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton Glasgow Scotland, yachtsman/tea magnate (Lipton Tea)
1855 Anatol Konstantinovich Liadov St Petersburg Russia, composer (Enchanted Lake)
1857 Hendrik Zwaardemaker Dutch physiologist (olfactometer)
1858 Frederick Zech Jr composer
1867 Jim Kelly cricket wicket-keeper (Australian 1896-1905)
1873 Carl J Eldh Swedish sculptor
1873 Jan Kalf literary/art historian (Preservation of museums)
1876 Ivan Cankar Slavs author (Hlapec Jernej-Njegova Pravica)
1877 Roderich Mojsisovics-Mojsvar composer
1878 Gustav Stresemann German chancellor (1923, Nobel 1926)
1882 Thurston Hall Boston MA, actor (Roaming Lady, In Society)
1885 Fritz v Unruh writer
1885 Mae Murray [Girl with bee-stung lips] Portsmouth VA, actress (High Stakes)
1885 Marie Benavente [Maria Wissink] actress (Scapegoat)
1886 Karl Barth Basel Switzerland, theologian/author (Action in Waiting)
1886 Olaf Stapleton British religious sci-fi writer (Star Maker)
1887 Jacobus C Bloem Dutch poet (Sintels)
1888 Max(imilian Raoul Walter) Steiner Vienna, composer (Gone With Wind)
1894 Dimitri Tiomkin Russia, composer (Academy Award 1954-High & Mighty)
1897 Dalton Parry Conyngham cricketer (one Test South Africa vs England 1923)
1897 Ewart Levy
1898 Ariel Durant writer (Story of Civilization)
1898 Herbert Elwell Minneapolis MN, composer (Happy Hypocrite)
1899 Fred Astaire Omaha NE, tap dancer/actor (Easter Parade, Swingtime)
19– Larry Flash Jenkins Long Island NY, actor (White Shadow, Fletch)
1901 Albert Dondeyne Belgian philosopher/theologist
1902 David O Selznick Pittsburgh PA, producer (Gone With the Wind)
1902 Joachim Prinz author/Rabbi of Berlin (1926-37)
1903 Kay Petre early racing driver
1904 David Brown CEO (Aston Martin Lagonda)
1905 Angus Paton civil engineer
1907 Harilaos Perpessas composer
1908 Carl Albert (D) speaker of the House
1908 Henry Diamond Irish Nationalist MP
1909 Lord Harold Francis Collison British union leader (agriculture workers)
1909 Maybelle Carter Nickelsville VA, country singer (Johnny Cash Show)
1910 Jimmy Demaret winner of 44 golf tournaments, but not the Open
1910 Margot Turner matron-in-chief (Army Nursing Service)
1912 Edward Gardner Queen’s Court/MP
1912 Erik Jorgensen composer
1912 Harold Myers film journalist
1914 Charles McGraw New York NY, actor (Michael-Falcon, Smith Family)
1914 Lord Smith British surgeon
1915 Bert van Dongen [Abraham J Cohen], singer/impressionist/actor
1915 Christian Beyers Naudé South African anti-apartheid fighter
1915 Denis Thatcher husband of British PM Margaret (1979-90)
1915 Duke of Sutherland
1915 Monica Dickens author/founder (US Samaritians)
1915 Salah Abou Seif director
1916 Milton Babbitt US mathematician/composer (Widow’s Lament)
1918 Margo singer (Golden Irish Favorites)
1918 T Berry Brazelton doctor (On Being a Father)
1919 Ella Grasso (Governor-D-CT)
1919 Louis Sen A Kaw Surinam dam builder
1919 Tibor Sarai composer
1920 Basil Kelly Lord Justice of Appeals (Northern Ireland)
1921 Bert Weedon rocker
1921 Nancy Walker Philadelphia PA, Bounty ads/actress (Rhoda, McMillan & Wife)
1922 David Orr deputy chairman (Inchcape)/CEO (British Council, Unilever)
1923 John Dugdal Lord-Lieutenant (Salop)
1925 Edward Fursdon British Major-General (defense council)
1926 Duncan Watson president (World Blind Union)
1929 Brian Corby CEO (Prudential)
1929 Fats Domino rocker (Blueberry Hill)
1929 Marquess of Downshire
1930 June Knox-Mawer British radio host/novelist (World of Islands)
1930 Pat Summerall NFLer (New York Giants)/Sportscaster (CBS)
1931 Lord Michael Mustill of Pateley Bridge, Lord Justice of Appeal
1932 Earl of Rothes
1932 Francoise Fabian Hussein Dey Algeria, actress (Happy New Year)
1933 Barbara Taylor Bradford author
1934 Cliff Wilson snooker player
1934 William Lithgow Scottish industrialist/multi-millionaire
1935 Henry Fambrough US singer (Spinners)
1935 Larry Williams rocker
1936 Anthony Mullens British Lieutenant-General (Deputy chief of defense)
1936 Gary Owens Mitchell SD, disc jockey/TV host (Laugh In, Gong Show)
1936 Michael Stone English broker/multi-millionaire (Man Group)
1936 Trevor Clay General-Secretary (Royal College of Nursing)
1937 Arthur Kopit US, playwright (Day Whores Came Out to Play Tennis)
1937 Jim Hickman baseball player (Mets, Dodgers, Cubs)
1937 Tamara Press USSR, shot putter/discus thrower (Olympics-gold-60)
1938 Manuel Santana tennis player (US Open 1965)
1938 Maxim Shostakovich Leningrad Russia, conductor (Atlanta Symphony)
1938 Merritt Ranew baseball player
1938 Michael Shea director (Hanson Trust)/Queen’s press secretary
1938 Peter Davies Major-General/Director-General (RSPCA)
1938 Philip Gordon Winsor composer
1940 Arthur Alexander US singer/songwriter (Lonely Just Like Me)
1940 Taurean Blacque actor (Neal Washington-Hill Street Blues)
1940 William Cash MP
1941 Danny Rapp Philadelphia PA, rocker (Danny & Juniors)
1941 Ken Berry baseball player (White Sox, Angels, Brewers, Indians)
1941 Win Bischoff CEO (Schroders)
1942 Bill Coday US singer (You’re Gonna Then Me)
1942 Ingram Douglas Marshall composer
1943 Bruce Raymond jockey
1943 Donovan [Leitch] Glasgow Scotland, guitarist/folk singer (Mellow Yellow)
1943 James Earl Chaney US civil rights activist
1944 Abdul Kadir cricketer (Pakistan batsman-keeper in 4 Tests 1964-65)
1944 Jackie Lomax Liverpool, rocker (Is This What You Want)
1944 Jim Abrahams Shorewood WI, director (Hot Shots, Top Secret)
1944 Kathy Farrer LPGA golfer
1944 Marie-France Pisier Daclat Vietnam, actress (Scruples, Midnight)
1945 Justice Laws
1945 Pamelo Mounk’a musician
1946 Graham Gouldman Manchester England, bassist (10cc-No Milk Today)
1946 Maureen Lipman actress (Educating Rita, Wonderworks)
1947 Dave Mason Worcester England, singer/songwriter (We Just Disagree)
1947 Jay Ferguson Burbank CA, rocker (Spirit-I Got A Line on You)
1947 Paul Nicholas Young architect
1948 Christopher Gent CEO (Vodafone Group)
1948 Meg Foster Reading PA, actress (Sunshine, Cagney & Lacey)
1951 Ron Banks US R&B singer (Dramatics-Whatcha See is Whatcha Get)
1951 Steve Gunderson (Representative-R-WI, 1981- )
1952 Sly Dunbar Kingston Jamaica, reggae drummer (Sly & Robbie)
1953 Barbara Moxness LPGA golfer
1953 Lawrence Lau actor (Jamie Frame-Another World)
1953 Steve Thomas rocker (Shooting Star)
1954 Jeff Apple Miami FL, producer (In the Line of Fire)
1955 Bruce Hartzler Washington DC, canoe (alternate-Olympics-96)
1955 Chris Berman sportscaster (ESPN)
1955 Homer Simpson animation (Simpsons)
1955 Laurence Lau actor (Jamie Frame-Another World)
1955 Mark David Chapman assassin of John Lennon
1957 Phil Mahre Yakima WA, twin alpine slalom skier (Olympics-gold/silver-80, 84)
1957 Sid Vicious [John Beverly], London England, punk rocker (Sex Pistols)
1957 Steve Mahre Yakima WA, twin alpine slalom skier (Olympics-silver-80, 84)
1958 Ellen Ochoa Los Angeles CA, PhD/Astronaut (STS 56, 66)
1958 Jeannette Kohlhaas LPGA golfer
1958 Margaret Ward LPGA golfer
1958 Rick Santorum (Representative-R-PA)
1959 Dan Schayes NBA center/forward (Miami Heat, Orlando Magic)
1960 Bono Vox [Paul Hauson] Dublin Ireland, rocker (U2-Joshua Tree)
1960 Merlene Ottey Jamaican/Italian running star (Olympics)
1960 Tauseef Ahmed cricketer (leading Pakistan off-spinner of 80’s)
1960 Victoria Rowell Portland ME, actress (Dr Amanda Bentley-Diagnosis Murder, Drucilla-Young and Restless)
1961 Blyth Tait England, New Zealand equestrian 3 day event (Olympics-gold-96)
1961 Randy Cunneyworth Etobicoke, NHL left wing (Ottawa Senators)
1961 Teri Copley Arcadia CA, actress (Mickey-We’ve Got it Made)
1962 Garry Daley keyboard (China Crisis-Christian)
1962 Joey Meyer baseball player
1962 Robby Thompson W Palm Beach FL, infielder (San Fransisco Giants)
1963 Lisa M Nowak Washington DC, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1964 Dean Spriddle Plymouth England, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 Oak Valley)
1965 Jim Schreiner Kailua HI, kayak (alternate-Olympics-96)
1965 Linda Evangelista St Catherines Canada, model (Elite)
1965 Mike Butcher baseball player
1965 Rony Seikaly NBA center (Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors)
1965 Todd Kalis NFL guard (Cincinnati Bengals)
1966 Jonathan Edwards Britain, triple jumper (Olympics-gold/silver-92, 96)
1966 Mikael Andersson Malmo Swe, NHL left wing (Tampa Bay Lightning)
1968 Julie Smith Glendora CA, softball infielder (Olympics-gold-96)
1969 Curtis Whitley NFL center (Panthers, Packers, Raiders)
1969 Dennis Bergkamp Amsterdam Netherlands, soccer player (Ajax)
1969 Judson Mills Purcellville VA, actor (Hutch-As The World Turns)
1969 Martin Driever WLAF tight end (Rhein Fire)
1969 Pete Schourek Austin TX, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
1970 Andre Stolz Brisbane Queensland, Australasia golfer
1971 Andrei Kravtsov Queensland Australia, gymnast (Olympics-96)
1971 Eric Stock soccer player (NEC)
1971 Ronnie Dixon NFL defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets)
1972 Akili Johnson NFL defensive back (Atlanta Falcons)
1972 Emma Ridley Hanpstead England, actress (Return to Oz)
1972 Farrell Duclair CFL fullback (Calgary Stampeders)
1972 Stuart Carlisle cricketer (Zimbabwe Test batsman 1995-)
1973 Jerome Williams NBA forward (Detroit Pistons)
1974 Grant Williams NFL tackle (Seattle Seahawks)
1974 Janet Reasons Port Orchard WA, Miss America-Washington (1997)
1975 Adam Deadmarsh Trail British Columbia, NHL center (Colorado Avalanche, Olympics-98)
1977 Amanda Borden Cincinnati OH, gymnast (World-silver-94, Olympics-gold-96)
1991 Emily McEnroe daughter of Tatum O’Neal & John McEnroe

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