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March 8


Holidays and observances – March 8th

James Van Der Beek (TV ACTOR) 1977


Kat Von D (TATTOO ARTIST) 1982


Freddie Prinze Jr. (MOVIE ACTOR) 1976


March 8 – Famous Birthdays

1075 Abu ‘l-Kasim Mahmud ibn Omar al-Zamachshari Arab theologist
1495 Juan de Dios Portugal/Spain, saint/founder (Brothers of Mercy)
1607 Johann Rist composer
1714 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach German composer, son of JS Bach
1743 Bendix Friedrich Zinck composer
1748 Willem V Batavus prince of Orange-Nassau
1778 Friedrich August Kanne composer
1783 Gottfied Wilhelm Fink composer
1783 Hannah Hoes Van Buren Kinderhook NY, wife of President Martin Van Buren (1837-41) (died 1819)
1787 Karl Ferdinand von Grafe help create modern plastic surgery
1799 Simon Cameron Secretary of War (Union), died in 1889
1815 Jean Delphin Alard French violinist/composer
1825 George William Martin composer
1836 Matthew Calbraith Butler Major General (Confederate Army)
1839 James Mason Crafts US chemist (Friedel-Crafts-synthesis)
1840 Franco Faccio Italian composer/conductor
1841 Oliver Wendell Holmes Massachusetts, 59th Supreme Court justice (1902-32)
1843 Per Jonas Fredrik Vilhelm Svedbom composer
1847 Karl von Bach German engineer (Maschinenelemente)
1853 Edward Hubertus Joannes Keurvels Flemish composer (Parisina)
1854 Tom Felix Horan cricketer (Ireland Pioneering Australia all-rounder)
1857 Ruggiero Leoncavallo Italian composer (I pagliacci/Zaza)
1859 Kenneth Grahame author (The Wind, Willows)
1859 Otto Taubmann composer
1862 Joseph Lee helped develop playgrounds
1865 Frederick William Goudy US, printer/type designer
1872 Paul Juon Russian/Swiss violinist/composer
1876 Franco Alfano Italian opera composer (Il dottore Antonio)
1879 M Lichnowsky writer
1879 Otto Hahn German physicist/chemist (Nobel 44, radiothorium/actinium, co-discoverer-nuclear fission)
1883 Manuel Gomez Carillo composer
1886 Anton Portielje Dutch radio host/zoo director (Artis)
1886 Edward Kendall chemist, isolated cortisone (Nobel 1950)
1888 Stuart Chase Somersworth NH, writer/economist (Tragedy of Waste)
1889 Oscar Ewing US government official (Everybody’s Business)
1890 Oswald von Nell-Breuning German theologist/philosopher
1892 Mátyás Rákosi Hungarian party leader/premier (1952-53)
1894 Wäinö V Aaltonen Finnish sculptor
1898 Louise Beavers Cincinnati OH, actress (Beulah-Beulah, Made for Each Other)
1898 Theophilus E Dönges South African minister of Internal Affairs
1899 Eric Linklater Scotland, novelist/poet/historical writer (Blue Swallows)
19– Jason Kincaid actor (All My Children)
19– Johnny Ventura Santo Domingo DR, Spanish singer (El Caballo Negro)
19– Rita Walter actress (As the World Turns)
1902 Jennings Randolph (Senator)
1907 Charles Boost movie critic
1909 Anthony Donato composer
1909 Claire Trevor [Wemlinger] New York NY, actress (Murder My Sweet, Marjorie Morningstar)
1909 Hugh Murphy English multi-millionaire
1911 Alan Hovhaness Somerville MA, composer (Lousadzak, Ukiyo)
1911 Elsie Agnes Giorgi physician/humanitarian
1914 Jacob B Bakema urban developer (St Louis MO)
1915 Vivien John artist
1916 R W Schnell writer
1917 A Marja [ATE Mooy], Dutch literary (Shreds on the River)
1918 Alan Hale [MacKahan] Jr Los Angeles CA, actor (Skipper Jonas Grumby-Gilligan’s Island)
1919 Ivor Keys musician/teacher
1920 Eileen Herlie Glasgow Scotland, actress (Myrtle Fargate-All My Children, Hamlet)
1920 Eva Dahlbeck Saltsjo-Duvnas Sweden, actress (Dreams, Lesson in Love)
1920 James Daniel “Danny” Turner saxophonist
1921 Cyd Charisse [Tula Ellice Finklea] Amarillo TX, dancer/actress (East Side West Side, Brigadoon)
1921 Egbert George “Pete” Pitterson trumpeter
1922 Carl Furillo Brooklyn Dodger (National League Batting Champion 1953)
1922 H Kipphardt writer
1923 Booth Colman Portland OR, actor (Zaius-Planet of the Apes)
1923 Juan M G “Wancho” Evertsz premier of Dutch Antilles (NVP, 1973-77)
1923 Sembene Ousmane Senegalese author/novelist/director (Doctor Noir)
1924 Sean McClory Dublin Ireland, actor (Jack-Californians, My Chauffeur)
1924 Victor “Toby” Neuberg teacher/writer
1925 Darwin Horacio Vargas-Wallis composer
1925 Francisco Rabal Aguilas Spain, actor (Holy Innocents, Camorra)
1925 Petrus Steenkamp Dutch politician (KVP/CDA)
1927 Jaromir Podesva composer
1927 Joseph Berg composer
1928 Frank Michael Beyer composer
1928 Judy Johnson Norfolk VA, singer (Your Show of Shows)
1931 John McPhee author (The Control of Nature)
1931 Neil Adcock cricketer (South African pace bowler, 104 wickets 1953-62)
1933 Johnny Dollar singer
1934 Christian Wolff composer
1934 Ron Taylor Sydney Australia, cinematographer (Those Amazing Animals)
1936 Gabor Szabo Hungarian jazz pianist (Perfect Circle)
1936 Sue Ane Langdon Paterson NJ, actress (Bachelor Father, Arnie)
1937 Juvenal Hayarimana president of Rwanda (1973-94)
1937 Pamela McEvoy-Johnston psychotherapist-board member (WIC)
1937 Raynoma Gordy [Mayberry], US orchestra leader (Rayber Voices)
1938 Lew DeWitt Roanoke VA, country singer (Statler Brothers-Flowers on the Wall)
1939 George William Reed astronomy writer/cartoonist (Dark Sky Legacy)
1939 Jim Bouton Newark NJ, pitcher (New York Yankees)/author (Ball Four)
1939 Lydia Skoblikova USSR, speed skater (Olympics-6 gold-1960, 64)
1939 Mike Lowry (Representative-Democrat-WA, 1979- )
1939 Robert Tear Barry Wales, tenor (Welsh National Opera 1970)
1939 Yannis Vlachopoulos composer
194- Alan Sues Ross CA, comedian/actor (Laugh-In, Oh Heavenly Dog)
1940 Leslie Isben Rogge one of FBI’s most wanted
1940 Susan Clark Sarnia Ontario, actress (Night Moves, Webster)
1940 Theo Laseroms [The Tank], Dutch soccer player (Feyenoord)
1941 Ivana Loudova composer
1941 Yvar Emilian Mikhashoff composer
1942 [Dick] Richie Allen baseball player (American League MVP 1972)
1942 Ann Packer-Brightwell England, 400 meter/800 meter runner (Olympics-gold-1964)
1943 Lynn Redgrave London England, actress (Georgie Girl) Weight-Watcher
1944 Carole Bayer Sager NY, aka Mrs Burt Bachrach, singer (Arthur)
1945 Graeme Watson cricketer (Australian opening batsman 5 Tests 1966-72)
1945 Jim Chapman (Representative-Democrat-TX, 1985- )
1945 Keith Jarrett pianist/composer
1945 Mickey Dolenz Los Angeles CA, actor (Circus Boy) singer (Monkees)
1946 Mohammad Nazir Pakistani cricket off-spinner (14 Tests 1969-83)
1946 Randy Meisner rock bassist/vocalist (Poco, Eagles-Take it Easy)
1947 Mike Allsup Modesto CA, rock guitarist (Three Dog Night)
1948 [Little] Peggy March [Margaret Battavio] Lansdale PA, vocalist (I Will Follow Him)
1948 Ralph Ellis Liverpool England, rhythm guitarist (Swinging Blue Jeans-You’re No Good)
1949 Charles Lismont Belgian marathon runner (Olympics-silver-1972)
1951 Philippe Henri Edmonds cricketer in Zambia, England slow left-arm
1952 Vladimir Vladimirovich Vasyutin USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz T-14)
1953 Jim Rice Boston Red Sox outfielder (American League MVP 1978)
1953 Kathleen Ann Shower Brookville OH, Playmate of the Year (May 1985)
1954 Cheryl Baker rock vocalist (Bucks Fizz-My Camera Never Lies, Making Your Mind Up)
1954 David Wilkie England, 200 meter backstroke swimmer (Olympics-gold-1976)
1954 Karl Schnabl 90 meter ski jumper (Olympics-gold-1976)
1954 Maria-Therese Nadig Switzerland, skier (Olympics-2 gold-1972)
1957 Cynthia Rothrock Wilmington DE, actress (Lady Dragon, Honor & Glory)
1957 Ruth Wysocki Alhambra CA, 800 meter/1500 meter runner
1958 Andreas Maurer West Germany, tennis star
1958 Gary Numan [Gary Webb] Hammersmith England, vocalist (Cars, Dominion Day)
1959 Aidan Quinn Chicago IL, actor (Legends of the Fall, Michael Collins, Benny & Joon, Reackless)
1960 Buck Williams NBA forward (Portland Trail Blazers, New York Knicks)
1961 Larry Murphy Scarborough, NHL defenseman (Toronto Maple Leafs)
1962 Shaun Gayle NFL strong safety (San Diego Chargers)
1962 William Fuller NFL defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers)
1963 Gursharan Singh cricketer (Indian batsman played one Test 1989-90)
1963 Kathy Ireland model/actress (Alien From LA, Side Out)
1963 Mike Lalor Buffalo, NHL defenseman (Dallas Stars)
1964 Cheryl “Salt” James singer (Salt-N-Pepa)
1964 Peter “Ged” Gill drummer (Frankie Goes to Hollywood-2 Tribes)
1965 Kenny Smith NBA guard (Houston Rockets)
1966 Elliot Boult Blenheim New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1966 Holly Ann Salo Keani AK, Miss Alaska-America (1990)
1966 Laura McCabe cross country skier (Olympics-1994)
1967 Brent Fedyk Yorkton, NHL left wing (Dallas Stars)
1967 Dale Joseph CFL defensive back (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1968 Clare Wood Zululand South Africa, tennis star (1986 Futures-Lisbon)
1968 Rob Zettler Sept-iles, NHL defenseman (Toronto Maple Leafs)
1969 Andrea Parker actress (Miss Parker-The Pretender)
1970 Harry Decheiver soccer player (RKC)
1970 Jason Elam NFL kicker (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1970 Rhett Harty Pasedena CA, US soccer player (Olympics-92)
1970 Vadim Bekboulatov NHL forward (Belarus, Olympics-98)
1971 Bob Boughner Windsor, NHL defenseman (Buffalo Sabres)
1971 Marc Tobert CFL slot back (Edmonton Eskimos)
1972 Craig Johnson St Paul MN, NHL left wing (Los Angeles Kings/Olympics-1994)
1972 Pat Riley NFL defensive end (Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks)
1972 Takuro Abe WLAF linebacker (Amsterdam Admirals)
1973 Kendell Watkins NFL tight end (Dallas Cowboys)
1973 Nanette Pearson Pleasant Grove UT, Miss America-Utah (1996)
1974 Steve Sarkisian CFL quarterback (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1974 Toran James linebacker (San Diego Chargers)
1975 Brett Conway NFL kicker (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1975 Kenny Wheaton cornerback (Dallas Cowboys)
1976 Freddie Prinze Jr actor (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
1977 James Van Der Beek actor (Dawson’s Creek)
1977 Petr Devyatkin hockey forward (Team Kazakhstan Olympics-1998)

March 8

March 8

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