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June 9


June 9 – Famous Birthdays

Johnny Depp (MOVIE ACTOR) 1963


Natalie Portman (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1981


Michael J. Fox (MOVIE ACTOR) 1961


June 9 – Famous Birthdays

1640 Leopold I Emperor of Holy Roman Empire
1781 George Stephenson inventor (principal RR locomotive)
1791 John Howard Payne US, author/actor/diplomat (Home Sweet Home)
1843 Bertha von Suttner Austria, novelist/pacifist (Nobel 1905)
1865 Carl Nielsen Norre-Lyndelse Denmark, composer (Det Uuslukkelige)
1893 Cole Porter Indiana, composer/lyricist (Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate)
1900 Fred Waring Tyrone Penn, musician/conductor/inventor (Waring Blender)
1906 Tonio Selwart Germany, actor (Barefoot Contessa, Naked Maja)
1908 Robert Cummings Joplin Mo, actor (Love that Bob, Dial M For Murder)
1912 Ingolf Dahl Hamburg Germany, composer (Andante & Arioso)
1915 Les Paul Waukesha Wi, guitarist/inventor (Les Paul guitar)
1916 Robert S McNamara US Sec of Defense (1961-68)/head of World Bank
1921 Agnes Keleti Hungary, gymnist (Olympic-gold-1952, 56)
1922 George Axelrod playwright (Breakfast at Tiffany)
1924 Christine Goitschel France, slalom (Olympic-gold-1964)
1924 Tony Britton Birmingham Eng, actor (Day of Jackal, Girl in my Soup)
1926 Mona Freeman Baltimore, actress (Black Beauty, Dear Wife, Heiress)
1930 Jackie Mason comedian (The World According to Me, Chicken Soup)
1930 Marvin Kalb NYC, educator/newscaster (CBS/NBC)
1933 Dick Orkin Williamsport Pa, actor (Tim Conway Show)
1934 Donald Duck famous fowl
1934 Helga Haase German FR, 500m speed skater (Olympic-gold-1960)
1934 Jackie Wilson Detroit, singer (Lonely Teardrops)
1934 Joe Santos Bkln NY, actor (Rockford Files, AKA Pablo, Shamus)
1938 Charles Wuorinen NYC, composer (Pulitzer 1980)
1941 John Lord England, keyboardist (Deep Purple-Hush)
1944 Brigid Bazlen Wisc, actress (Pam-Too Young to go Steady)
1947 Mitch Mitchell drummer (Jimi Hendrix Experience-Purple Haze)
1948 Nathaniel Rosen Altadena Calif, cellist (Tchaikovsky Gold 1978)
1951 Bonnie Tyler [Gaynor Hopkins], rocker (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
1951 Dave Parker baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, NL MVP 1978)
1958 Donald Michael Santini Mass, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
1961 Michael J Fox Edm, actor (Family Ties, Back to the Future, Teen Wolf)
1962 Eddie Lundon rocker (China Crisis-Christian)
1963 Johnny Depp Queensboro Ky, actor (21 Jump Street)
1969 Mitch McLee [Douglas Lee Mitchell], Miles Mi, drummer (Southgang)

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