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June 24


June 24 – Famous Birthdays

Solange Knowles (R&B SINGER) 1986


Lionel Messi (SOCCER PLAYER) 1987


Petra Nemcova (MODEL) 1979


June 24 – Famous Birthdays

1771 E I Du Pont France, chemist/scientist (Du Pont)
1783 Johann Heinrich von Th]en economist/geographer/farmer
1797 John Hughes archbishop, founded Fordham University in the Bronx
1813 Henry Ward Beecher Litchfield Ct, clergyman/orator (The Independent)
1839 Gustavus Franklin Swift founded Swift & Co
1842 Ambrose Bierce US, satirist (Devil’s Dictionary)
1850 Horatio Herbert Kitchener England, original Order of Merit member
1895 Jack Dempsey heavyweight boxing champion (1919-26) (Manassa Mauler)
19– Jeff Cease rocker (Black Crowes-Shake Your Money Maker)
19– Joe Colligan actor (Days of Our Life)
1901 Harry Partch Oakland Calif, composer (Oedipus)
1903 Phil Harris singer/actor (Anything Goes)
1909 Milton Katims NYC, conductor/violist (WOR-NYC)
1912 Norman Cousins editor (Saturday Review)
1915 Sir Fred Hoyle cosmologist, proposed steady-state universe theory
1916 John Ciardi poet/critic (translated Dante)
1919 Al Molinaro Kenosha Wisc, actor (Odd Couple, Happy Days)
1922 Roy Elihu Travis NYC, composer (Passion of Dedipus)
1922 Sibohan McKenna Ireland, stage actress (Saint Joan)
1923 Jack Carter Bkln NY, comedian/actor (Amazing Dobermans, Octagon)
1930 Claude Chabrol Paris France, director (Les Cousins, OphJla)
1932 David McTaggart cofounded Greenpeace
1935 Pete Hamill journalist (NY Post)
1935 Terry Riley Colfax Calif, composer (Spectra)
1938 Boris Lagutin USSR, light-middleweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1964, 68)
1938 Walter Willison Monterrey Park Calif, actor (McDuff the Talking Dog)
1942 Michele Lee LA Calif, actress/singer (Karen-Knots Landing, Love Bug)
1942 Mick Fleetwood drummer (Fleetwood Mac) (or 1947)
1943 Georg Stanford Brown Havana Cuba, actor (Terry Webster-Rookies)
1944 Arthur Brown England, rocker (Fire)
1944 Bruce Johnston rocker (Beachboys-Surfin’ Girl)
1944 Jeff Beck Surrey England, singer/songwriter (Jeff Beck Group)
1945 Betty Stove Netherlands, tennis player (US Doubles 1972)
1945 Colin Blunstone rocker (Zombies-Never Even Thought)
1946 Ellison S Onizuka Hawaii, Mjr USAF/ast (STS 51C, 51L-Chal disaster)
1947 Peter Weller actor (Robocop, 1st Born, Of Unknown Origin)
1950 Nancy Allen NYC, actress (Carrie, 1941, Robocop, Dress to Kill)
1951 Ivar Formo Norway, 50K cross country skier (Olympic-gold-1976)
1956 Joe Penny actor (Jake & the Fatman)
1957 Astro rocker (UB40-Red Red Wine)
1958 Victor M Gerena NYC, security guard robbed $7 million (FBI wanted)
1959 Andy McClusky rocker (Orchestal Manoeveres in the Dark-Electricity)
1961 Curt Smith rocker (Tears for Fears-Shout)
1961 Natalya Shaposhnikova USSR, sidehorse vaulter (Olympic-gold-1980)
1965 Danielle Spencer Bronx, actress (Dee Thomas-What’s Happening)
1969 Melissa Gurney Calif, tennis player (Virginia Slims of SD, 1986)
1970 Glenn Medeiros singer (Someday Love)

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