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June 21

June 21 – Famous Birthdays

Prince William (PRINCE) 1982


Juliette Lewis (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1973


Chris Pratt (MOVIE ACTOR) 1979


June 21 – Famous Birthdays

1732 Martha Washington 1st, 1st lady
1774 Daniel D Tompkins (D-R), 6th US vice-president (1817-25)
1851 Daniel Carter Beard US, organized 1st boy scout troop
1882 Rockwell Kent artist/painter/illustrator (Canterbury Tales)
1891 Hermann Scherchen Berlin Germany, conductor (Nature of Music)
1892 Hilding Rosenberg Bosj”kloster Sweden, composer (Babels Torn)
1892 Reinhold Niebuhr US, theologian (Nature & Destiny of Man)
19– Kip Winger rocker (Winger-17)
19– Leigh McCloskey LA Calif, actor (Mitch-Dallas, Brian-Executive Suite)
1903 Al Hirschfeld cartoonist (1975 Tony Award)
1903 Dorothy Stickney actress (And So They Were Married)
1905 Jean-Paul Sartre France, philosopher/writer (Nobel 1964; declined)
1912 Mary McCarthy US, novelist (Group)
1921 Frank Scott Fargo ND, pianist (Lawrence Welk Show)
1921 Jane Russell Bemidji, MN, actress full-figured gal (The Outlaw)
1921 Jean Kent London England, actress (Adv of Sir Francis Drake)
1922 Judy Holliday NYC, comedienne/actress (Born Yesterday, Adam’s Rib)
1923 John Compton Lynchburg Tn, actor (Shannon-The D.A.’s Man)
1925 Maureen Stapleton Troy NY, actress (Airport, Coccoon, Plaza Suite)
1927 Carl Stokes (Cleve-Mayor)
1928 Judith Raskin NYC, soprano (Susanna-Le Nozze di Figaro)
1930 Mike McCormack NFL offensive tackle (NY Yankees, Cleveland, Phila)
1931 Lawrence K Grossman News president (NBC-TV)
1931 Margaret Heckler US Secretary of Health & Human Services (1983-85)
1932 Lalo (Boris) Schifrin Buenos Aires Argentina, composer
1933 Bernie Kopell NYC, actor (Love Boat, Get Smart, That Girl)
1935 Fran‡oise Sagan France, novelist (Bon Jour Trieste)
1935 Monte Markham Manatee Fla, actor (Second Hundred Years, Dallas)
1938 Ron Ely Hereford Tx, actor (Tarzan, Doc Savage)
1940 Joe Flaherty Pitts Pa, comedian (SCTV, Blue Monday)
1940 Mariette Hartley NYC, actress (Poloroid spokesperson, Marooned)
1942 William Bradford Reynolds Conn, US asst attorney general
1944 Corinna Tsopel Athens Greece, actress (Man Called Horse)
1944 Ray Davies singer/guitarist (The Kinks-Come Dancing)
1947 Meredith Baxter-Birney Ca, actr (Family Ties, Bridget loves Bernie)
1947 Michael Gross Chicago Ill, actor (Family Ties)
1948 Joey Malland rocker (Badfinger-Come & Get It)
1948 Leo Sayers rocker (You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
1950 Joey Kramer NYC, rock drummer (Aerosmith-Janie Got a Gun)
1953 Benazir Bhutto 1st female leader of a Moslem nation (Pakistan)
1953 Robyn Douglass Sendai Japan, actress (Lonely Guy, Romantic Comedy)
1956 Mikhail Burtsev USSR, sabres (Olympic-gold-1976)
1956 Rick Sutcliffe pitcher (LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs)
1957 Mark Brzezicki rocker (Big Country-Wonderland)
1959 Tom Chambers NBA forward, center (Seattle SuperSonics, Phoenix Suns)
1962 Marc Copage LA Calif, actor (Corey Baker-Julia)
1964 Kari Kennell Colorado Springs Co, playmate (Feb, 1988)
1966 Nan Woods actress (1 More Saturday Night)
1967 Tim Simenson rocker (Bomb the Bass)
1982 Prince William of Wales Prince Chuck & Lady Di’s baby


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