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June 19

June 19 – Famous Birthdays

Hugh Dancy (MOVIE ACTOR) 1975


Zoe Saldana (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1978


Giacomo Gianniotti (TV ACTOR) 1989


June 19 – Famous Birthdays

1556 James VI of Scotland (1567-1625)/James I of England (1603-25)
1623 Blaise Pascal mathematician/physicist/religious writer
1764 Jos‚ Gervasio Artigas general/father of Uruguay
1764 Sir John Barrow England, founded Royal Geographical Society
1783 Thomas Sully US portrait painter (Queen Victoria)
1856 Elbert Hubbard US, editor/publisher/author (Message to Garcia)
1865 Dame May Whitty Liverpool England, actress (Mrs Minerva)
1877 Charles Coburn Macon Ga, actor (Acad-1943, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
1878 James M Kilroe priest of St Mary Star of the Sea, in the Bronx
1889 Enrico Celio pres of Switzerland
1896 Mrs Simpson [Bessie Wallis Warfield), Duchess of Windsor, divorcee
1897 Moe Howard comedian (3 Stooges)
1900 Laura Hobson NYC, TV writer/panelist (I’ve Got a Secret)
1902 Guy Lombardo London Ontario Canada, orch leader (Auld Lang Syne)
1903 Henry Louis Gehrig 1st baseman (NY Yankees) “Iron Horse”
1905 George Voskovec Czech, actor (Fred-Nero Wolfe, Peter-Skag)
1908 Mildred Natwick Balt Md, actress (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon)
1908 Quentin N Burdick (Sen-D-NC)
1909 Osamu Dazai Japan, novelist (Tsugaru, No Longer Human)
1912 Jerry Jerome Bkln NY, saxophonist (Words & Music)
1912 Martin Gabel Phila, TV host (With this Ring)
1914 Alan Cranston (Sen-D-CA) Pres candidate
1914 Harry Lauter White Plains NY, actor (Waterfront)
1914 Lester Flatt Earl Scrugg’s partner (Beverly Hillbillies theme)
1918 Evelle Jansen Younger prosecutor of Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan
1919 Louis Jourdan Marselles France, actor (Gigi, Can-Can, Madame Bovary)
1919 Pauline Kael movie critic (NY Times)
1921 Howell Heflin (Sen-D-AL)
1922 Aage Neals Bohr Denmark, physicist/study atomic nucleus (Nobel 1975)
1924 Leo Nomellini NFL defensive tackle (SF 49ers)
1928 Nancy Marchand Buffalo NY, actress (Beacon Hill, Margaret-Lou Grant)
1932 Marisa Pavan actress (John Paul Jones, Solomon & Sheba, Rose Tattoo)
1932 Pier Angeli Italy (Sodom & Gomorrah, Vintage, Battle of the Bulge)
1933 Viktor I Patsayev USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11)
1936 Gena Rowlands Cambria Wisc, actress (Gloria, Tempest, Brinks Job)
1938 Charles Gwathmey architect (5 Architects)
1941 Marlene Warfield Queens NY, actress (Victoria-Maude)
1942 Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane rocker (Spanky & Our Gang-Lazy Day)
1943 Malcolm McDowell actor (Clockwork Orange, Caligula)
1945 Tim Hovey LA Calif, actor (Queen Bee, Toy Tiger, Man Afraid)
1947 Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad Houston, actress (Clair-Bill Cosby)
1947 Salman Rushdie novelist (Midnight’s Children, Satanic Verses)
1949 Kathleen Turner Springfield Mo, actress (Peggy Sue Got Married)
1950 Connie Forslund San Diego Calif, actress (Shining Season)
1951 Ann Wilson San Diego, singer (Heart-What About Love)
1959 Mark DeBarge rocker (DeBarge-Who’s Johnny)
1962 Paula Julie Abdul Van Nuys Calif, singer/choreographer (Straight Up)
1973 Josie Davis actress (Charles in Charge)
1978 Garfield the Cat animated character “Big fat hairy deal”
1984 Emil Coleman orchestra leader (Arthur Murray Party)

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