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June 17

June 17 – Famous Birthdays

Kendrick Lamar (RAPPER) 1987


Venus Williams (TENNIS PLAYER) 1980


Barry Manilow (POP SINGER) 1943


June 17 – Famous Birthdays

1239 Edward I king of England (1272-1307)
1703 John Wesley cofounded Methodist movement/author
1742 William Hooper signed Decl of Ind
1811 Jon Sigurdsson Iceland, leader/collects Icelandic legends
1818 Charles Gounod Paris, France, opera composer (Faust)
1832 Sir William Crookes chemist/physicist; discovered thallium
1858 Eben Sumner Draper former MA Gov
1867 John Robert Gregg Ireland, inventor (shorthand)
1870 George Cormack created “Wheaties” cereal
1871 James Weldon Johnson lawyer, 1st black admitted to Florida Bar
1882 Igor Stravinsky Oranienbaum, Russia, composer (The Rite of Spring)
19– Irwin “Sonny” Fox Bkln NY, TV host (Wonderama, $64,000 Challenge)
19– Jason Patric actor (Lost Boys, Solar Babies)
19– Michael Monroe rock vocalist (Hanoi Rocks, Ain’t it Fun)
19– Paul Stevens actor (Young & Restless)
1904 Ralph Bellamy Chicago, actor (Air Mail, Dive Bomber, Trading Places)
1910 Red Foley Blue Lick Ky, country singer (Mr Smith Goes to Washington)
1912 Don Gillis Cameron Missouri, composer (Symphony #5«)
1914 John Hersey author (Hiroshima, A Bell for Adano)
1915 Stringbean [David Akeman], Ky, banjoist/comedian (Hee Haw)
1919 Kingman Brewster college president (Yale)
1920 Beryl Reid actress (Joseph Andrews, Psycho Mania, Yellowbeard)
1920 Fran‡ois Jacob France, biologist/bacteriologist (Nobel 1965)
1922 Jerry Fielding Pitts Pa, orch leader (Lively Ones)
1923 Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch AAFC, NFL halfback, end (LA Rams)
1925 Keith Larsen Salt Lake City Utah, actor (The Hunter, Brave Eagle)
1928 James Brown rocker (Hot Pants)
1929 Tigran Petrosyan USSR, world chess champion (1963-69)
1931 Virginia McKenna London, actress (Born Free, Gathering Storm)
1940 Bobby Bell NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)
1942 Norman Kuhlice England, rocker (Swinging Blue Jeans-You’re No Good)
1945 Eddy Merckx Belguim, cyclist (5 time winner of Tour de France)
1946 Barry Manilow NYC, singer (Mandy)
1948 David Concepcion Venezuela, all star shortstop (Cincinatti Reds)
1948 Phylicia Allen Ayers Rashad Houston Tx, actress (Cosby)
1951 Joe Piscopo Passaic NJ, comedian (SNL, Miller Lite commercials)
1954 Mark Linn-Baker St Louis, actor (Larry Appleton-Perfect Strangers)
1958 Dan McVicar Independence Mo, actor (Clarke-Bold & Beautiful)
1964 Michael Gross West Germany, swimmer (Olympic-2 world records-1984)
1965 Kami Cotler Long Beach Calif, actress (Elizabeth-The Waltons)
1969 Kevin Thornton vocalist (Color Me Badd-I Want to Sex You Up)
1975 Frederick Koehler Queens NY, actor (Chip-Kate & Allie)
1977 Jason Miller Silver Springs Md, actor (New Mickey Mouse Club)

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