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July 7

July 7 – Famous Birthdays

Ringo Starr (DRUMMER) 1940

Jim Gaffigan (COMEDIAN) 1966

Dylan Sprayberry (TV ACTOR) 1998

July 7 – Famous Birthdays

1752 Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented programmable loom
1843 Camillo Golgi Italy, physician, cytologist (Nobel 1906)
1851 Lillien Jane Martin psychologist. found gerontology clinic
1860 Gustav Mahler Kalischat Bohemia Austria, composer/conductor (Titan)
1887 Marc Chagall Vitebsk Russia, artist (I & The Village)
1893 Vladimir Mayakovsky Soviet Georgia, poet (Ode to Revolution)
1899 George Cukor producer/director (Adam’s Rib, Philadelphia Story)
19– Arlene Harris Toronto Canada, comedienne (Stage 2 Revue)
19– Charlotte Moore Herin Ill, actress (The News is the News)
19– Cindy Eilbacher Saudi Arabia, (My Mother the Car, Young & Restless)
19– Stanley Brock Bkln, actor (Ivan-He’s the Mayor)
19– Vanita Harbour actress (Rika Price-One Life to Live)
1902 James McCartney father of Beatle (Paul)
1906 Satchel Paige baseball pitcher, never look back
1907 Robert A Heinlein sci-fi author (Stranger in a Strange Land)
1908 Harriette Arnow Wayne Co, Ky, novelist (The Dollmaker)
1911 Eddie Mayehoff Balt Md, actor (Hour Glass, Doc Corkle)
1911 Gian Carlo Menotti Italy, composer (Amahl & Night Visitors)
1914 Eddie Mayehoff Baltimore, actor (Luv, How to Murder Your Wife)
1917 Elton Britt Marshall Ark, country singer (Sat Night Jamboree)
1917 Lawrence F O’Brien (Watergate conspirators broke into his office)
1919 William Kunstler defense attorney (Chicago 8)
1921 Ezzard Charles world heavyweight boxing champion (1950-51)
1922 Artie Malivn NYC, music director (Julie LaRosa, Steve Lawrence)
1922 Pierre Cardin Paris France, fashion designer (Unisex)
1923 Eduardo Fal£ Argentine guitarist (Zamba de Vargas)
1923 Jean Kerr Scranton Pa, novelist (Please Don’t Eat the Daisies)
1927 Alan Dixon (Sen-D-Ill)
1927 Carl (Doc) Severinson Arlington Or, bandleader/trumpeter (Tonight)
1927 Charlie Louvin Rainsville Ala, country singer (Louvin Brothers)
1928 Colleen Summers Pasadena Calif, vocal overdubber
1928 Vincent Edwards actor (Dr Ben Casey, Death Stalk, Firehouse)
1933 Murray Halberg New Zealand, 5K runner (Olympic-gold-1960)
1940 Ringo Starr Beatles’ drummer/actor (Magic Christian)
1945 Matti Salminen Turku Finland, bass player (King Philipp-Don Carlos)
1946 Jean LeClerc actor (Jeremy Hunter-All My Children)
1946 Jim Day Canada, equestrian show jumper (Olympic-gold-1968)
1946 Joe Spano SF Calif, actor (Henry Goldblume-Hill St Blues)
1948 Fred Brown NBAer (Seattle SuperSonic)
1949 Shelley Duvall Houston Tx, actress (Popeye, Faery Tale Theater)
1951 Roz Ryan Detroit Mich, actress (Amelia-Amen)
1959 Bill Campbell actor (The Rocketeer)
1959 Jessica Hahn evangelist rape victim/model (playboy)/actress
1960 Isabelle Boeri-B‚gard France, foils (Olympic-gold-1980)
1960 Ralph Sampson NBA center (Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets)
1962 Clive “Doctor” Jackson rocker (Dr & the Medics-Laughing at Pieces)
1963 Perry Richardson SC, bassist (Firehouse-Love of a Lifetime)
1967 Jason R Rich Irvington NY, writer (Celebrity Teen Talk)
1969 Cree Summer actress (Freddie-Different World)

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