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July 30

July 30 – Famous Birthdays

Arnold Schwarzenegger (MOVIE ACTOR) 1947

Lisa Kudrow (TV ACTRESS) 1963

Terry Crews (TV ACTOR) 1968

July 30 – Famous Birthdays

1511 Giorgio Vasari painter/architect/art historian (Vasari’s Lives)
1818 Emily Bront‰ England, novelist (Wuthering Heights)
1855 James Edward Kelly US, sculptor “Sculptor of American History”
1857 Thorstein Veblen US, economist (Theory of the Leisure Class-1899)
1863 Henry Ford Dearborn Township, Mich, auto maker (Ford)
1880 Robert Rutherford McCormick US, editor/publisher Chicago Tribune
1887 Timothy Mara NFL owner (NY Giants)
1889 Vladimir Zworykin electronics engineer/inventor, father of TV
1890 Casey Stengel NY Yankee (1949-60) & 1st NY Met manager
1898 Henry Moore England, sculptor (Vertebrae)
1899 Gerald Moore England, pianist (Am I Too Loud)
19– Ilene Kristen actress (Ryan’s Hope)
19– Lisa Mordente New Hyde Park NJ, actress (Teresa-Doc, Viva Valdez)
1909 Cyril Northcote Parkinson England, historian (Pursuit of Progress)
1921 Grant Johannesen Salt Lake City Ut, pianist (Ost‚nd 1st prize 1947)
1924 William Gass Fargo, ND, novelist, philosopher (Omensetter’s Luck)
1925 Jacques Sernas Lithuana, actor (La Dolce Vita, Helen of Troy)
1929 Christine McGuire Middletown Oh singer (McGuire Sisters-Sugartime)
1929 Sid Kroft Athens Greece, puppeteer (Barbara Mandrell Show)
1931 Joan Vohs St Albans NY, actress (Fort Ti, Vice Squad, Sabrina)
1933 Edd “Kookie” Byrnes LA, actor (77 Sunset Strip, Jack the Ripper)
1934 Ben Piazza Ark, actor (Blues Brothers, Ben Casey, Dallas)
1936 Ralph Taeger Richmond Hill NY, actor (Klondike, Acapulco, Hondo)
1938 Vayachselav Ivanenko USSR, 50K walker (Olympic-gold-1988)
1939 Eleanor Smeal heads National Organization for Women
1939 Peter Bogdanovich director/producer (The Last Picture Show)
1940 Patricia Schroeder (Rep-D-Colo)
1940 Reva Rose Chicago Ill, actress (Temperature’s Rising)
1941 Count Desmond (Edward Benjamin) Binghamton NY, sword swallower
1941 Paul Anka Ottawa Ontario, singer (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)
1945 David Sanborn saxophonist (David Letterman)
1947 Arnold Schwarzenegger Austria, body builder (Commando, Terminator)
1947 William Atherton Ct, actor (Real Genius, Ghostbusters, Class of 44)
1950 Frank Stallone NYC, actor (Barfly, Outlaw Force)
1954 Ken Olin Chicago Ill, actor (Hill St Blues, Michael-30 Something)
1956 Delta Burke Orlando Fla, actress (Suzanne-Designing Women)
1956 Phil Fearon rocker (Galaxy, Kandidate-I Don’t Want to Lose You)
1957 Bill Cartwright basketball player (NY Knicks)
1957 Mark Tymchyshyn Minneapolis, actor (Gavin-As The World Turns)
1958 Daley Thomas London, Decathalete (Olympic-gold-1980, 1984)
1958 Kate Bush Plumstead England, singer/songwriter (Wild Things)
1958 Richard Burge actor (Another World)
1963 Monique Gabrielle LA Cal, actress (Bad Girls 4, Amazon Women on Moon)
1965 Tex Axile rocker (Transvision Vamp-Velveteen)
1975 Tifini Hale Palm Springs Calif, rocker (Party-Rodeo, That’s Why)

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