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July 29

July 29 – Famous Birthdays

Josh Radnor (TV ACTOR) 1974

Munro Chambers (TV ACTOR) 1990

Timothy Omundson (TV ACTOR) 1969

July 29 – Famous Birthdays

1805 Alexis de Tocqueville France, statesman/writer (Democracy in America)
1861 Alica Hathaway Lee Roosevelt 1st wife of Theodore Roosevelt
1869 Booth Tarkington US, novelist (17, Magnificent Ambersons)
1871 [Gregory Efimovich] Rasputin the mad Russian monk
1878 Don Marquis Ill, journalist/poet (archy & mehitabel)
1883 Benito Mussolini [Il Duce], Fascist Italian dictator (1922-43)
1887 Sigmund Romberg Nagykanizsa Hungary, operetta composer (Blossom Time)
1892 William Powell actor (Thin Man, My Man Godfrey)
1898 Isidor Isaac Rabi Poland, physicist (explored atom-Nobel-1944)
19– David Sederholm Phila Pa, actor (Bill Hayes-Ryan’s Hope)
19– Evan Rogers Northampton Mass, rocker (Rythm Syndicate)
19– Jack Blessing Balt Md, actor (Chip Frye-Small & Frye)
19– Jeanetta Arnette Wash DC, actress (Bernadette-Head of the Class)
19– John Sykes rocker (Sleep Relaxation)
19– Paul Sylvan NYC, actor (Woody-Busting Loose)
1900 Don Redman Piedmont WV, orch leader (Sugar Hill Times)
1900 Eyvind Johnson Sweden, novelist (Return to Ithaca-Nobel 1974)
1905 Clara Bow silent screen actress (It, Saturday Night Kid)
1905 Dag Hammarskj”ld 2nd UN Secretary-General (1953-61) (Nobel 1961)
1905 Thelma Todd actress (Dangerous Female, Devil’s Brother)
1907 Melvin Belli Sonora Calif, lawyer, SF’s “King of Torts”
1913 Stephen McNally NYC, actor (Split Second, 30 Seconds over Tokyo)
1914 “Professor Irwin Corey comedian (Car Wash)
1921 Richard Egan SF Calif, actor (Empire, Redigo, Pollyanna)
1924 Lloyd Bochner Toronto, (Cecil-Dynasty, Lonely Lady, Naked Gun 2«)
1924 Robert Horton LA Calif, actor (Kings Row, Wagon Train, Arena)
1925 Mikis Theodorakis Chios Greece, composer (Raven)
1926 Russel Firestone polo great (Circle F-1959 champs)
1930 Paul Taylor dancer & choreographer (Paul Taylor Dance Company)
1932 Nancy Kassebaum (Sen-R-Ks)
1933 Robert Fuller Troy NY, actor (Laramie, Wagon Train)
1935 Peter Schreier Meissen Germany, tenor (Dressden State Opera 1961)
1936 Elizabeth Dole US Secretary of Transportation (1983-87)
1938 Peter Jennings Toronto Canada, news anchor (ABC Evening News)
1941 David Warner Manchester NH, actor (Holocaust)
1943 Roz Kelly Mt Vernon NY, actress (Owl & Pussycat, Happy Days)
1946 Neal Doughty keyboardist (REO)
1950 Radu Voina Romania, team handball (Oly-silver/2 bronze-1972, 76, 80)
1951 Leslie Easterbrook LA Calif, actress (Ryan’s Hope, Police Acadamy 5)
1953 Geddy Lee lead singer (Rush-Tom Sawyer)
1959 Gary Springer NYC, actor (Bernice Bobs Her Hair)
1959 Nelli Kim USSR, gymnist (Olympic-2 golds-1976)
1963 Alexandra Paul NYC, actress (Christine, American Flyers, Dragnet)
1964 Lisa Peluso actress (Search for Tomorrow, Ava Alden Rescott-Loving)
1972 Wil Wheaton actor (Star Trek Next Generation-Wesley, Stand By Me)
1973 Stephen Dorff Atlanta, actor (I Know My Name is Steven)
1973 Wanya Morris [Squirt], Phila Pa, rapper (Boyz II Men)

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