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July 2

July 2 – Famous Birthdays

Margot Robbie (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1990

Lindsay Lohan (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1986

Ashley Tisdale (TV ACTRESS) 1985

July 2 – Famous Birthdays

419 Valentinian III Roman emperor (425-55)
1489 Thomas Cranmer England, archbishop/reformer/martyr
1714 Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck Erasbach Germany, composer
1821 Charles Tupper (C) 6th Canadian PM (1896)
1865 Lili Braun Prussia, feminist/socialist writer (Im Schatten Titanen)
1877 Hermann Hesse Switzerland, novelist/poet (Steppenwolf, Nobel 1946)
1884 Dr Otto B”hm Prussia, scientist (helped create England Radar)
1887 Marcel Tabuteau CompiŠgne France, oboist (Phila Orch 1915-54)
1894 Walter Brennan Swampscott Mass, actor (Real McCoys)
19– Agneta Eckemyr Karlsborg Sweden, actress (Broken Sky)
19– Kenneth McMillian Bkln NY, actor (Jack-Rhoda, Our Family Honor)
19– Larry David Brooklyn NY, comedian (Fridays)
19– Millie Slavin NYC, actress (Rafferty, Struck by Lightning)
1903 Lord Alex Douglas-Home (C) British PM (1963-64)
1903 Olav V England, King of Norway (1957)
1905 Jean-Rene Lacoste France, tennis champ/alligator shirt designer
1906 Hans Bethe physicist (Nobel 1967), peace worker
1908 Thurgood Marshall Md, 1st black Supreme Court justice (1967-91)
1914 Frederick Fennell Cleveland Ohio, conductor (Time & the Winds)
1916 Barry Gray radio personality (started call-in radio)
1916 Ken Curtis Lamar Colo, actor (Ripcord, Festus-Gunsmoke)
1919 Johnny Bradford Long Branch NJ, actor (Ransom Sherman Show)
1922 Dan Rowan Beggs Okla, comedian (Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in)
1925 Marvin Rainwater Wichita Ks, country singer (Ozark Jubilee)
1925 Patrice Lumumba Zaire, revolutionary
1926 Lee Allen Pittsburg, Ks, tenor sax (Walkin’ With Mr Lee)
1927 Brock Peters actor/singer (Carmen Jones, To Kill a Mockingbird)
1927 Cornelius “Kees” Broekman Holland, speed skater (Olympic-silver-1952)
1928 Pavel Kohout Czech, author (Poor Murderer)
1931 Robert Ito Vancouver BC, actor (Sam-Quincy ME)
1932 Sammy Turner Paterson NJ, vocalist (Lavender Blue)
1935 Gilbert Kalish Brooklyn NY, pianist/professor (SUNY Stony Brook)
1937 Polly Holliday Jasper Ala, actress (Flo-Alice, Flo-Flo)
1937 Richard Petty auto race driver (Daytona 500-1979,81)
1939 John Sununu US Secretary of State (1989-91)
1940 Georgi Ivan Ivanov 1st Bulgarian space traveler (Soyuz 33)
1946 Ron Silver NYC, actor (Gary-Rhoda, Dear Detective, Baker’s Dozen)
1947 Luci Baines Johnson Nugent Turpin daughter of Pres LBJ
1952 Linda M Godwin Cape Girardeau Missouri, PhD/astronaut (STS 37)
1954 Wendy Schaal Chicago Ill, actress (It’s a Living, Julie-Fantasy Is)
1956 Jeffrey Cooper guitarist (Midnight Star-No Parking)
1956 Jerry Hall Mesquite Tx, model/Mrs Mick Jagger
1956 Julie Montgomery KC Mo, actress (Samantha-1 Life to Live, Kindred)
1957 Mike Anger rocker (The Blow Monkeys-Wicked Ways)
1959 Wendy B Lawrence Jacksonville Fla, USN Lt Commander/astronaut
1961 Jimmy McNichol LA Calif, actor (Fitzpatricks, California Fever)
1964 Dave Parsons rocker (Transvision Vamp, Sham 69-That’s Life)
1964 Jos‚ Canseco Havana Cuba, Oakland As (1986 Rookie Year, 1988 AL MVP)
1967 Debee Ashby Coventry England, topless model

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