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July 1

July 1 – Famous Birthdays

Princess Diana (PRINCESS) 1961-1997

Pamela Anderson (TV ACTRESS) 1967

Liv Tyler (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1977

July 1 – Famous Birthdays

1646 G.W. Leibniz German mathematician/philosopher; postulated monads
1788 Jean-Victor Poncelet mathematician, founded projective geometry
1804 George Sand France, novelist (Valentine, Le Figaro)
1807 Thomas Green Clemson mining engineer, endowed Clemson University
1810 Walter White secretary (NAACP)
1857 Roger Connor 1st baseman (NY Giants)
1861 Samuel D Riddle horse owner (Man ‘o War)
1872 Louis BlSiot 1st man to fly an airplane across English Channel
1879 LPn Jouhaux France, socialist, cofounded UN’s ILO (Nobel 1951)
1892 James M Cain Minneapolis Mn, novelist (Postman Always Rings Twice)
1893 Walter Francis White Atlanta Georgia
1899 Charles Laughton England, actor (Mutiny on the Bounty)
19– Barbara Whinnery Berkeley Calif, actress (Cathy Martin-St Elsewhere)
19– Constance Ford actress (Ada Hobson-Another World)
19– Florence Stanley Chicago Ill, actress (Bernice-Barney Miller/Fish)
19– Frank Parker actor (Day of Our Life)
19– Roddy Bottum rocker (Faith No More-The Real Thing)
19– Shirley Hemphill Asheville NC, actress (What’s Happening)
19– Tom Hodges
19– Vito Bratta NY,
rocker (White Lion-Mane Attraction) 
1901 Irna Phillips Chicago,
created 6 soap operas (Guiding Light) 
1902 Billy Wyler director
(Mrs Miniver) 
1907 Bill Stern Rochester NY,
sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights) 
1908 Estee Lauder CEO
(Estee Lauder’s cosmetics) 
1909 Madge Evans Manhattan NYC,
TV panelist (Masquerade Party) 
1911 Alvino Rey Cleve Ohio,
orch leader (King Family) 
1912 David Brower environmentalist/president Sierra Club
1914 Cristyl Cranz Germany,
slalom (Olympic-gold-1936) 
1915 Willie Dixon Vicksburg Miss,
bassist (Walkin’ the Blues) 
1916 Olivia de Havilland Tokyo Japan,
actress (Adventures of Robin Hood) 
1925 Farley Granger 
actor (Arnold, Rope) 
1926 Hans Werner Henze G》tersloh Germany,
composer (Das Floss Medusa) 
1930 Imelda Marcos former 1st lady (Philipines)/shoe collector
1931 Leslie Caron Boulogne-Biliancourt France, actr (Lili, Father Goose)
1932 Bobby Day [Robert Byrd), Fort Worth Tx, rock vocalist (Rockin’ Robin)
1934 Claude Berri Paris France, director (Le Sex Shop, L’Homme Blesse)
1934 Jamie Farr Toledo Oh, actor (Klinger-M*A*S*H, AfterMASH)
1934 Jean Marsh London England, actress (Dark Places, Eagle has Landed)
1934 Sydney Pollack director (Tootsie, Presumed Innocent)
1941 Rod Gilbert Canada, NHL wing (NY Rangers)
1941 Sally Quinn Georgia, CBS newscaster (Morning Show)
1941 Twyla Tharp Indiana, choreographer (Twyla Tharp Dance Troupe)
1942 Genevieve Bujold Montrl, actress (King of Hearts, Choose Me)
1942 Karen Black Park Ridge Ill, (5 Easy Pieces, Trilogy of Horror, Pyx)
1945 Deborah Harry rocker (Blondie-Heart of Glass)
1946 Ron Silver NYC, actor (Entity, Silkwood, Best Friends)
1951 Daryl Anderson Seattle, actor (Animal-Lou Grant)
1951 Fred Schneider vocals/guitarist (B-52’s-Rock Lobster)
1951 Trevor Eve Wales, actor (Shadow Chasers)
1952 Dan Aykroyd Ottawa Canada, comedian/actor (SNL, Dragnet)
1956 Lorna Patterson Whittier Calif, actress (Airplane, Pvt Benjamin)
1960 Evelyn “Champagne” King Bronx NY, singer (Shame, I’m In Love)
1961 Carl Lewis US, olympic track & field star (Gold-1984, 1988)
1961 Lady Diane Spencer (Princess Di) consort of England
1964 Poi Burton rocker (Transvision Vamp-Velveteen)
1967 Pamela Anderson Ladysmith BC, playmate (Feb, 1990) (Home Improvement) 


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