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August 9


August 9 – Famous Birthdays

Anna Kendrick (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1985


Gillian Anderson (TV ACRESS) 1968


Melanie Griffith (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1957


August 9 – Famous Birthdays

1593 Izaak Walton England, biographer/fisherman/writer (Compleat Angler)
1686 Benedetto Marcello Venice Italy, composer (Lettera Famigliare)
1776 Amedeo Avogadro Tuin Italy, 6.022 x 10 ^ 23 (Avogadro’s Law)
1819 William Thomas Green Morton dentist, used ether (HOF 1920)
1825 Elisha Ferry (Gov-R-Wash, 1872-80, 1889-93)
1875 Albert William KetŠlbey Aston England, composer (Wonder Worker)
1883 George Hoyt NBA hall of fame referee (elected 1961)
1896 Jean Piaget Switz, pioneer developmental psychologist/zoologist
1896 Leonide Massine choreographer (Diaghilev Ballet Russe 1914-20)
1897 Ralph Wyckoff American pioneer in x-ray crystallography
19– Clint Ritchie ND, actor (Clint Buchanon-One Life to Live)
19– Dennis Belanger Canada, rock vocalist (Voivod-Angel Rat)
19– Michael Storm Chicago, actor (Dr Larry Wolek-One Life to Live)
1901 Charles Farrell Cape Cod Mass, actor (Vern-My Little Margie)
1902 Zino Francescatti Marseilles France, violinist (NY Phil-1939)
1905 Leo Genn actor (Affair in Monte Carlo)
1909 John Baur museum director/author (American Paintings in 19th Century)
1911 Robert McCormick Danville Ky, NBC newscaster (Current Opinion)
1911 William A Fowler US, astrophysicist (Nobel 1983)
1913 Harry Mills singer (Mills Brothers-Paper Doll)
1913 Herman Talmadge (Sen-D-Ga, Watergate Committee)
1919 Ralph Houk baseball manager (Yankees, Tigers)
1921 J James Exon (Sen-D-Neb)
1922 Philip Larkin Coventry England, writer (North Ship, Jill)
1927 Marvin Minsky Artifical intelligence computer scientist (MIT)
1927 Robert Shaw England, actor (Deep, Jaws, Sting, Black Sunday)
1928 Bob Cousy NBA star, Boston Celtics (1957 MVP)
1930 Betty Boop animation
1938 Dick Anthony Williams Chicago Ill, actor (Our Family Honor)
1938 Rod Laver Australia, tennis ace (1962, 1969 Grand Slam)
1939 Claude Osteen baseball pitcher (Cin Reds)
1940 Beverlee McKinsey Okla, actress (Another World, Guiding Light)
1942 David Steinberg Winnipeg Canada, comedian/director (End)
1944 Sam Elliot Calif, actor (Big Chill, Fatal Beauty)
1945 Ken Norton Heavyweight Boxing Champ/TV panelist (Gong Show)
1955 Doug Williams Louisana, NFL QB (Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Wash Redskins)
1957 Melanie Griffith NYC, actress (Something Wild, Working Girl)
1958 Amanda Bearse actress (Marcy Rhoodes-Married With Children)
1958 Greg Chaisson heavy metal rocker (Badlands-Dreams in the Dark)
1959 Kurtis Blow NYC, rapper (Krushgroove-The Breaks)
1963 Lonnie Quinn Cheshire Conn, actor (Will Cooley-All My Children)
1963 Whitney Houston Newark NJ, singer (One Moment in Time)
1965 Kyle Kyle Kensington Pa, rock bassist (Bang Tango-Dancin’ on Coals)
1966 Pat Petersen LA Calif, actor (Michael-Knots Landing)
1971 Mary Joe Fernandez Dom Rep, tennis player (US National 16s)
1972 Elizabeth Vassey Raleigh NC, actress (Emily Martin-All My Children)


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